Lopez Brothers “Tony and Ondreaz” Biography, Age, Wiki Facts, Net Worth, Family, Girlfriends, Phone Number, Email Address, House Address, Social Media and Contact information

Lopez Brothers Introduction

It is a Duo of famous brothers, who started internet career few years back with a short video sharing application i.e. Musically. Lopez Brothers created a duo with title “The Lopez Brothers” and similarly created social media accounts to publish their dance and other stunt videos online for garnering fans and subscribers. It tool less than a year for them to earn popularity and fam online through their posted videos, photos and other content online. Somehow, with mean time both brothers, Tony Lopez and Ondreaz Lopez switched to their self title social media accounts and started publishing content individually to get their very own fans and followers. At those time, they also sustained the duo group but with mean time, they started focusing on their personal account and the “The Lopez Brothers” du social media accounts seen significant crises but on the other hand side, their individual accounts survived million of new fans and followers.

Tony Lopez:

Tony Lopez is a most famous brother in a Lopez duo. He has earned million of followers on his self title TikTok, Instagram and few other social media accounts. He participate with his brother Ondreaz to create pranks, challenges and other stuff for their Lopez Brothers YouTube channel. Soon after starting his personal and individual social media accounts, he became a sensation and became one of the famous TikTok star. He has hosted Dance Workshop in Las Vegas as well.

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In mean time, he has garnered 23 million TikTok fans and 7 million Instagram followers. He was the first in Lopez Brothers, who got membership of famous TikTok collaboration team The Hype House joining other members such as Charli D’Amelio, Chase Hudson, Avani Gregg and Addison Rae. Recently, Tony began dating Sarah-Jade Bleau.

Ondreaz Lopez:

Ondreaz is a elder brother of Tony Lopez and the active member of Lopez Brothers. He is a founder of Lopez brothers Dancing duo, who performed in High school and on social media. He also manage Lopez Brothers YouTube channel. Beside duo accounts, he also created his individual and self title social media accounts on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and other just like her brother Tony Lopez. Ondreaz has joined The Hype House alongside brother Tony, and other TikTok star including Dixie D’Amelio, James Wright, Jack Wright, Kouvr and Addison Rae.

These days, his main source of popularity is by posting dancing and lip-sync videos to his ondreazlopez TikTok account. He has attained 23 million active fans as per 2021. Moreover, he regularly publish selfies, photos and other videos on his Instagram account for million of active followers. His muscial career also began with releasing some best singles and tracks for his audience. Ondreaz is known for dating TikTok star Hannah Stocking. Colorado based TikTok star has also appeared on Showtime at the Apollo with Steve Harvey.

Lopez Brothers (Tony and Ondreaz Lopez) Contact Details, Biography, Wiki, Address, Phone Number
Lopez Brothers (Tony and Ondreaz Lopez) Contact Details, Biography, Wiki, Address, Phone Number, Wiki, Age, Family

Contact Information of Lopez Brothers (Ondreaz and Tony Lopez)

With provided contact information, you are able to communicate and to pass some important message and query to both Ondreaz and Tony Lopez. The process include several methods especially email address, phone number, house address, social media messaging and other. So, with these addresses and numbers, you can contact both Lopez brothers for your fan emails, business inquiries and other hiring etc. Some of the recommended means are provided with authentic information.

Ondreaz and Tony Lopez Phone Number

Both Lopez brothers has their personal cell phones. As per reports, Tony and Ondreaz Lopez has iPhone 12 with 4g network sim. They often use phone for voice calls and text messages in-between family members, Hype House team, girlfriends and some best known friends. As per reported, Tony Lopez phone number is available for fans and business inquiries whereas Ondreaz Lopez phone number is shared to his friends and family. Moreover, you can check their updated phone number for phonic contact. It is recommended to send text message before calling their phone either via WhatsApp or facetime.

Lopez’s Email Address

One of the wonderful and best online method to establish a communication between you and Lopez brothers either Tony or Ondreaz, it is always a email communication. They are using email from years and responding to each and every inquiry made to their email address rather by fan or any advertising agent for business promotions. However, if you have any question or need to chat with Lopez brothers, you have to use provided email address.

House Address of Lopez Brothers (Tony and Ondreaz)

Ondreaz and Tony Lopez born to American family living Colorado. In childhood, both brother lived in Colorado but later they moved along family to Las Vegas, Nevada. Somehow, they grown up there and their parents and whole family is living at same place and house. In case, they are out of home city, then you should be assure that they went to The Hype House Mansion to meet their collaborative team living in Los Angeles, California.

  • House Address: Lopez Brothers (Tony, Ondreaz Lopez), La Vegas, 88901, Neveda, United States of America.
  • Temporary Address: Tony Lopez/Ondreaz Lopez, The Hype House Mansion, Los Angeles, California, United States.

Social Media Contacts

As in Social Media era, both Lopez brothers are famous social media celebrities and they love to use social media more often in a day. Moreover, you can get through with their latest updates, photos, videos, connection, and most interestingly direct messaging option to make a conversation and video calls to Lopez Brothers. You can find Ondreaz and Tony Lopez all over popular social media accounts, first of all follow them there and then make use of internal/direct messages option to create communication. It is one of recommended method to convey a message directly to them.

Lopez Brothers @ TikTok

TikTok is a short video sharing and Lip Syncing application. It allows to post dancing and singing videos in application and to share with public and friends. Every celebrity is already created account and readily available these days, similarly all Lopez brothers including Tony and Ondreaz are doing great performance at TikTok. Till date Tony has garnered 23 million fans and Ondreaz earned 22 million fans.

Instagram of Tony and Ondreaz Lopez

Brothers have highly popular social media profile at Instagram. They post their daily routine and on going life photos, videos and prank videos. They got massive followers over there including 6 million on Ondreaz Instagram and nearly 7 million followers on Tony account.

Dobre Brothers @ Twitter Profile

Lopez has created their individual twitter accounts. They regularly publish news updates regarding their career and upcoming events for fans and following. There is a massive followers on both twitter profiles. You can contact them via twitter handle by tagging their id and writing tweet.

YouTube Channel of Dobre Brothers

Lopez Brothers collaborate together for their YouTube channel. It is their main source of income as well as of popularity. Their career started with YouTube and still they are doing great job there. It is a notable fact that, they put much efforts to create a best vlog, challenge and other videos for their YouTube channel and its audience.

Brothers Snapchat

However, snapchat allows a best communication method for social media messaging. Lopez brothers are available on snap chat to receive your messages and chats.

  • @tailopez
  • @lopez_tony555

Official Website:

Lopez Brothers are busy at Social media, and soon they are updating their official website. The link to them is provided.

  • https://lopez-bros.com

Wiki And Biography

Let see, the quick Lopez Brothers (Tony, Ondreaz) intro first!

Birth Name: Tony Lopez and Ondreaz Lopez

Tony Lopez Born: August 19, 1999

Ondreaz Lopez Born: April 4, 1997

Birthplace: Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Tony Age: 21 Years Old

Ondreaz Age: 23 Years Old

Tony Girlfriend: Sarah-Jade Bleau

Ondreaz Girlfriend: Hannah Stocking

Profession: Prankster, TikTok Celebrities and Social Media Stars

Martial Status: Single

Net Worth: $10 million

Lopez Brothers

Lopez Brothers are popular American brothers duo known for social media dance videos and internet fame. They are three siblings from which Tony and Ondreaz are already famous celebrities whereas their third brother Xavier is still growing popular. Their career started in High School, where both brother started preforming dance skills and performance in a duo group called The Lopez Brothers. Soon, after uploading videos online on YouTube and TikTok, they started gaining fame and followers, by which they are able to gain nearly 100 million fans in combined. However, they are sending much time on creating video’s for their social media accounts and followers for last three years.

They got number of awards and nominations for their performance and significant growth in fame and business. Most of awards they won are based in short video sharing app TikTok such as Choice Musers and People choice awards. Their YouTube channel already received Silver and Gold creator awards. They attended Las Vegas workshop and invited more than one time for interviews on national television.


Tony and Ondreaz born to American parents living in Las Vegas. They raised as a family of five members, mother, father and three siblings including Ondreaz Lopez, Xavier Lopez and Tony Lopez. All of them are working online as social media personalities. They often feature their parents online in videos and in snaps.

Work and Profession:

They switched their career to internet celebrities and personalities with the help of social media platforms. They started career in 2016 while studying in High School. Brothers dance skills helped them garnering fans and attracting audience by showing skills online through TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. Meanwhile, Lopez Brothers are in the list of top internet personalities and social media celebrities.

They have earned more than $10 million in net-worth through YouTube monetization program, brand endorsements and other online promotions. The earned money helped them to buy outfits, luxury cars and gifts for other co stars, girlfriends and family.

Friends, Spouse and Girlfriends

They got some best social media stars as their best friends. Moreover, they girlfriends also related to social media personalities. By joining the Hype House team, they got some best friends such as Addison Rae, Chase Hudson, Dixie D’Amelio, Avani Gregg and Charli D’Amelio. Meanwhile, they are creating best collaborative videos with their friends and the team.

Both Tony Lopez and Ondreaz are dating their girlfriends. Tony is known for dating Breakout TikTok dancer Sarah-Jade Blea, whereas Ondreaz has dated Instagram celebrity Hannah Stocking.

Age, Weight, Figure and Height

All Lopez brothers are having fair skin complexion. They are light weight and skinny body boys. All share gymnastic qualities due to dance skills.

Tony Wight: 80 KG | Tony Height: 5’9″ | Tony Age: 21 years old

Ondreaz Wight: 76 KG | Ondreaz Height: 5’10” | Ondreaz Age: 23 years

Net-worth and Assets

Brothers net worth is $10 million dollars as per 2021. They have a luxury apartment, house and several cars.

Facts and News

  • They are one of the popular dance duo in United States just like Dobre Brothers.
  • They are not twins but they look like twin bothers.
  • They are living in The Hype House alongside Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio and Addison Rae Easterling.
  • There are 2 members in Lopez Brothers
    • Tony Lopez
    • Ondreaz Lopez
  • Their third brother name is Xavier Lopez.
  • They have not dated Addison nor Charli but friends.
  • Lopez Brothers are listed in top 10 TikTok celebrities based in United States of America.

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