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Piper Rockelle Introduction

One of the beautiful face little girls trending everywhere, either YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram is none other than Piper Rockelle. She is 14 years old social media star from Georgia. Utmost, she is a perfect place in terms of career and future. Rockelle achieved at a younger age what most people can’t make even in their 30s. However, from the very start, she was concerned with media and modeling. She was a candidate in beauty content, pageants, and modeling at age of 4.

Approaching 9 years in 2016, she gets thorough with social media and created an account for herself on Musically. Hopefully, with a few good quality videos, and such a little age girl she got viral. Within a few months, Rockelle reached her first million fans threshold. She got fame by which it gets very hard for herself to reach school and to continue with studies because a number of fans and followers started approaching her for selfies and for meetups. Taking notice of this, Piper’s mother started homeschooling for her and she left her school for a cause. Then, from home, she continued her studies as well as her social media career. Indeed, support from their mother and a perfect environment increased her motivation and opportunities to get further with the flow. She created YouTube Channel, Instagram, and other social profiles along with Musically. Piper Rockelle kept on creating content on all social media and got followers on each and everywhere.

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History, Career and Future

Furthermore, she not extended her social media scope but also sharpen her skills in various fields including, dancing, surfing, gymnastic, hosting, and singing. For TikTok, she worked for fun videos, lip-syncing and dancing clips. On YouTube, she loaded her channel with entertainment, quality, family, fun, love, and good vibes. Moreover, getting the company of friends, boyfriends, and guests, she continued with creating crazy challenges. Boyfriend challenges, 24-hour challenges, crush challenges, and last to challenges. Piper Rockelle updates her Instagram with Makeup tutorials, Vibes, Do it yourself Videos, and friends union photos. She is growing to be a beautiful teen this year and soon stepping into a practical boyfriend relationship.

However, this year she was proposed to be valentine by Lev Cameron Khmelev. She is very humble to animals, collaborating with her mother Tiffany, both run a cat rescue that has taken in over 150 cats. Her love for pets is inevitable, she created a separate fan page for her pet dog Frank Pugan.

Moreover, she’s having a massive fan following. Nonetheless, she is one of the youngest American celebrities who ranked in the top 10 social media influencers. Most of the fans want to contact her to appreciate her work and for sure, to have a little nice chat with her. By this, Piper Rockelle’s phone number and email address are a demand of followers. Because they want to call her on phone and to send a written message through email.

Alongside, with provided house address, fans can post a mail to her address. Piper Rockelle’s house address is based in Georgia. Furthermore, her biography, wiki, figure, net-worth, and other contact-related information are shared after verification from legitimate sources. So, below you will find Piper Rockelle’s complete details.

Piper Rockelle Phone Number, Email, Address, Wiki, Bio, Age, Worth, Family, Bio Data
Piper Rockelle Contact Details, Wiki, Biography, Family, Background

Contact Information of Piper Rockelle

Contact Information is provided for making a contact with Social Media Sensation and YouTuber Piper Rockelle. Provided specific details will allow you can make it possible to communicate with Rockelle by following various methods and channels. These include telephone numbers, cell phone numbers, details of email addresses to send and receive email messages to Piper Rockelle. Moreover, the house address is provided from a verified source where actually Piper lives. Social Media is also a new-age method to convey your voice and messages to well-known celebrities and stars, so here you are also provided with Piper Rockelle social media account details to contact her through internal/direct messaging options.

Piper Rockelle Phone Number

A decent way to contact for a genuine purpose is always ringing a telephoner or cellphone. However, in the case of popular and well-known celebrities, it is hard to get the authentic number for a telephonic contact. So, for that, you need to have an updated and working mobile number of Piper Rockelle. You can call Piper via phone number in the daytime when she is free.

Piper Rockelle Email Address

Yes Indeed! You got a better idea to contact Piper Rockelle through email. And the amazing thing is, this method work perfectly and 100%. In fact, you know for having the real email address of Rockelle, there are full chances that your email will be delivered to her personal mail account. Because in an email there is the option of multiple recipient receiving. Like, if more than one user sends emails to her address then still she will receive them all. So, make use of Piper’s email address, make a contact, and inquire about any query. Check her real Gmail email address provided below.

Piper Rockelle Email ID: TeamPiperRockelle@gmail.com

House Address of Piper Rockelle

She is only 14 years old girl and for that, she is living with family in the United States. Her address is the same as where she was born and raised. You can use her house address to send postally and fan mails. However, it is very casual for popular celebrities to receive fan mails from their followers and lovers. Many times these postal mails are in form of letters of appreciation. She loves to be appreciated by her fans and followers. Check Piper Rockelle’s house address details below.

House Address: Piper Rockelle, Georgia, Postal Code 30004, United States of America.

Social Media Profiles

It is the Social Media age, no doubt Piper is a social media celebrity. Moreover, social media not only provides entertainment, connection, fellowship but interestingly allows the direct messaging options to make a conversation as well as video calls. So, you can find Piper Rockelle overall popular social media accounts. You have to follow her and then make use of the internal message and direct messages option to contact. It is a recommended method to convey a message directly to her.

Piper Rockelle @ TikTok

However, she is a known YouTuber and Instagram-er but still, she exists on TikTok like Zoe Laverne. Her TikTok account is not frequently updated but it could be used for contact purposes. You have to add her as a friend in TikTok to get an option to send a direct message. In fact, if she doesn’t accept you as a friend then you have to choose other social media which allow without adding her.

Follow and contact Piper Rockelle TikTok Account here. (@PiperRockelle)

Instagram of Piper Rockelle

She is much active there with 3 million active followers. The content she posts over there includes her day life routine, friends, family, boyfriend photos, and videos. Her profile is not less than any popular American celebrity. Instagram does not show her recent feed of photos, videos but you would get an option to contact her. On Instagram, you can send a direct message to Piper Rockelle’s account by simply following her. check her Instagram ID below as provided.

Check and Contact her on Instagram Account here.

Piper Rockelle @ Twitter Profile

She is an active user at Twitter since 2016. She makes use of Twitter to update her followers, friends, family, and co-workers regarding her new videos, pranks, and events. Moreover, Piper Rockelle with more than half-million followers is an opportunity to contact her by using Twitter. You can tweet directly by tagging her id in status to get a reply back. Make use of this option for contacting her with ease.

Check Piper Rockelle Twitter for Contact.

YouTube Channel of Piper Rockelle

YouTube is a perfect opportunity for celebrities these days to not only upload videos but also make money out of them. No doubt, YouTube gives opportunity to social media influences and content creators like Piper to make money out of their content. Her channel acquired more than 5 million subscribers. It includes her creative and day routine videos, pranks, vlogs, challenges, and fun. So, you can even use YouTube to make a contact with Rockelle. Make you of live sessions conducted by Piper along with her videos commenting section.

Go and Check Piper Rockelle YouTube Channel

Piper Rockelle Snapchat

However, Snapchat is a very popular social media after Facebook and Instagram. She recently joined the platform and got connected to her friends and followers with the help of it. You can add her on Snapchat and communicate easily.

View Piper Rockelle SnapChat Profile ID

Official Website:

Piper Rockelle’s official website is live. She updates her website with her upcoming events and tours. There you can check tickets available for events. Currently, she is going to have her upcoming tours in Philadelphia, PA, and Boston, MA.
Visit Piper Rockelle Official Website.

Wiki And Biography

Let see, the quick Piper Rockelle intro first!

Birth Name: Piper Rockelle

Born: August 21, 2007

Birthplace: Goergia, United States

Age: 14 Years Old

Boyfriend: Lev Cameron

Profession: YouTuber and Internet Celebrity

Martial Status: Single

Net Worth: $5 million

Piper Rockelle

Piper Rockelle born August 21, 2007, in Georgia, US is a 14 years old YouTuber and internet celebrity. She started her career as a social muser by using YouTube and Instagram. However, she got popular through YouTube and TikTok for posting fun and challenging videos. Before joining the online industry, she was an active participant in beauty pageants and modeling. She extended her scope to all of the social media including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat after getting viral on YouTube. Her mother’s name is Tiffany Rockelle who supported her to choose social media. Rockelle has two brothers (Tyler Ray Hill and Hunter Ray Hill), both are active at TikTok these days. Surprisingly, Piper is growing in the industry with her new music debut and working as an actress.

Piper Rockelle is ranking in most popular YouTubers of United States as of 2022 by which she is receiving a bundle of offers for brands endorsement and acting. Moreover, she is working on her songs and albums these days.

Rockelle is working with her crush, boyfriend, and friends in a form of a collaborative team to create wonderful videos and pranks. Her team includes Coco Quinn, Sophie Fergi, and Lev Cameron. The team is also actively working in Mani and Piperazzi series.

Piperazzi Squad team with Piper Rockelle
Piperazzi Squad team with Piper Rockelle


Piper Rockelle belongs to a US Based family living in Georgia. Her mother Tiffany Rockelle is supporting her social media career. Rockelle’s father is busy with his own life. Piper has two siblings, both brothers known as Tyler Ray Hill and Hunter Ray Hill. Her brothers are also participating in TikTok and in her YouTube videos.

Piper Rockelle with her mother
Piper Rockelle with her mother

Work and Profession:

Piper Rockelle is a rising star and taking a hard grip on social media as an internet celebrity. She is now not less than any celebrity and living a life of Star. She is always being asked for selfies and autographs etc. With more than 20 million collective followers and subscribers, she ranked in the top 100 American Social Media Influencers and in the Top 10 American Youngest Influencers. She got opportunities from various agencies and talented media houses to have a contract or to join these.

Now, She is working on her music and singles. Her songs are going to release at end of the year by which she is going to be a new singer in the industry. No doubt, she is already an actress by acting in various projects.

Friends, Spouse and Boyfriends

Piper’s crush’s name is Lev Cameron. But she has dated Gavin Magnus for more than a year, who is also a famous actor and internet personality.

Piper Rockelle other than Lev Cameron has many friends. She created a YouTube series known as Mani and Piperazzi, where she worked with the team to create videos. All team is like friends. Team members include Gavin Magnus, Sophie Fergi, Lev Cameron, Coco Quinn, and Piper herself.

Age, Weight, Figure and Height

Piper Rockelle is a little cute face girl. Her complexion is very fair and white. Piper is having a healthy body figure along with a good physique structure and moderate height because of her age. Her Hair color is Silky Brown. She is known to wear different stylish outfits most of the time Jeans.

Piper Rockelle Weight is approximately 65 KG. Whereas, Rockelle’s height is 5 Feet and 4 Inches tall at age of 14 years old.

Net-worth and Assets

Piper Rockelle’s main source of income is YouTube Channel and other endorsement projects. She accumulated a net worth of $5 million as of 2022.

Facts and News

  • Her father is not active in the family these days and living his own life.
  • Sophie Fergi and Coco Quinn are very supportive friends of Piper Rockelle.
  • She has dated actor Gavin Magnus for a year.
  • Piper Rockelle is active in Mani and Piperazzi series.
  • She is working as an actress on fewer projects.
  • Piper Rockelle started working in music and soon her album is going to release.
  • She is an expert in surfing, gymnastic, and modeling other than a social media career.

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