Emily Bader, as an American actress debuted in 2016 with the role of Shannon in Married with Secrets. Soon after completion of graduation degree from Loyola Marymount University, she got a chance to perform a the Geffen Playhouse in LA in Our Very Own Carlin McCullough.

Actress Emily Bader Phone, Email, Address
Emily Bader

She maintains excellent communication with her loyal fans. Not only does she respond to social media messages and comments, but she also replies to WhatsApp messages and phone calls to her +1 (310) 555-7890 phone number. Additionally, she often receives fan mail and tries her best to fulfill her followers’ wishes. Fans can send their letters to her at 32425 Campo Dr, Temecula, CA 92592, United States.

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Hopefully, you know her social media accounts and emails which are the best online ways to communicate with her, if not then you can use her email id: ems1987sharkchat@outlook.com and her social media accounts: Instagram @emily_bader, Twitter @emilykbader.

Many of us know her for her masterpiece work in Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin, Game Shakers and Henry Danger but she has played a prominent role in Broken Visions, House of the Witch, Stalked by a Reality Star, Stalker Club, Instaland, Anonymous Killers and Fresh Kills. However, she is once again in the limelight just because of her new role as Lady Jane Grey in 2024’s Series My Lady Jane. She is playing a leading role alongside other cast such as Edward Bluemel, Jim Broadbent, and Dominic Sopper among others.


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