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She is a popular actress who was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Her birthname is Amelia May Alcock and she is 22 years old and got popularity for playing the role of young Rhaenyra Targaryen in the most anticipated HBO series House of the Dragon released in 2022. Milly looks pretty young and in princes attire in the aforementioned series. However, she is not playing such a role for the very first time but she has played similar roles in her earlier debuts such as in Upright, A Place t Call Home and Pine Gap, etc. Her following has seen significant growth in numbers soon after the release of the episodes of the House of Dragon series.


Australian Actress Milly Alcock is playing roles in various films since 2014 but she has not seen such prominence as in 2022 because of the blockbuster HBO series. The series gained huge attention and audience because of its story which revolves around an internal succession war within House Targaryen at the height of its power. And luckily Milly Alcock is playing a leading and very important role in the mentioned series. It has not only sustained her career but helped her to achieve new milestones in her career along with a massive fan following on social media and plenty of new projects and filmography offers.

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You have to lose something to gain some big and that sets perfect for actress Milly Alcock because there was a time when she was taking a tough decision to get a dropout of Sydney’s Newtown High School of the Performing Arts to pursue an acting career with a role in Upright. And then there was a good time when she was not only invited to the Casting Guild of Australia and AACTA Awards but also won an award for Rising Stars in the Television category in the Casting Guild Awards. Perhaps, she was struggling in the past few years to garner prominence and that’s sorted out with the help of the prequel to Game of Thrones i.e. House of the Dragon 2022. In mentioned drama, she has worked with another prominent star cast including Phia Saban, Ewan Mitchell, Savannah Steyn, Emily Carey, Olivia Cooke, Emma D’Arcy, and Matt Smith.

History, Career, and Future

Milly Alcock is an Australian professional actress working for various TV series, Hollywood, and other production houses. She began her acting career in 2014 with Wonderland. Later, she continued with other TV series and film projects such as Fighting Season, The School, Les Norton, The Gloaming, Hanging Man, B.F. Chefs, Janet King, High Life, Pine Gap, Reckoning, etc. But her most recent project HBO TV series called House of the Dragon outshines her career and made her a famous actress in Australia not only in her home country but also in the United Kingdom, Canada, and United States. Milly’s role as Rhaenyra Targaryen in the HBO television series House of the Dragon is appreciated at a higher level and has its own separate fan base.

In Addition, she has also garnered huge fans in the last few years by playing the roles of Meg in Upright, Sam Serrato in Reckoning, and Alison in The Familiars. Meanwhile, she has a million followers on Instagram and similar numbers on other social media platforms.

Actress Milly Alcock has active communication with her fans, subscribers, and media personalities through social media, text messages, WhatsApp, emails, fan mails, and voice calls. Milly often shares her contact details on her social media posts and pages upon fan requests which include postal address, email, and phone numbers.

Actress Milly Alcock Phone Number and House Address
Popular Actress Milly Alcock Phone Number and House Address

Contact Information of Actress Milly Alcock

Actress Milly Alcock’s phone number, house/postal address, social messaging accounts, email ID, and other active numbers are added. So, with these listed addresses and contact numbers, you can communicate with her for fan emails, online business inquiries, postal mail, other issues, etc.

Milly Alcock Phone Number and Whatsapp Details

She is using a Sydney based registered 4G SIM on her personal handset iPhone 13 PRO MAX as shown above in her selfie. She mostly accepts fan calls, texts, and messages on her phone, WhatsApp and Facetime. Milly Alcock checks calls and text messages from her fan and other famous personalities for collaborations.

  • Milly Alcock Phone Number: Australian Network Registered SIM +61 (02) 854-MILL(4G Activated iPhone13promax)
  • Actress Milly Alcock Whatsapp Number: Active on iPhone 13 with AUS Number
  • Milly Alcock Contact Number: +61 (02) 854-MILLShared to public contacts

Alcock’s Email Address

Sending email messages to actress Milly Alcock is still a working and effective method for conveying messages. Her fans have communicated through email and received responses.

  • Email ID:

Alcock’s House Address and Residence Location

  • Milly Alcock House Address: Amelia May Alcock (Milly Alcock), Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • Actress Milly Alcock’s Residence Location: Amelia May Alcock, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Social Media Contacts

Social media help you to reach Milly via direct messages, voice and video calls, and video messages sent over the internet. Check her social accounts and make use of them.

  • Instagram Account:
  • Twitter Address:
  • YouTube:
  • Web:

Wiki And Biography

Let’s see, the quick intro first!

Birth Name: Amelia May Alcock

Born: April 11, 2000

Birthplace: New South Wales, Australia

Age: 22 Years Old

Boyfriend: Single

Profession: Actress

Martial Status: Not Married

Net Worth: $2 million

Milly Alcock


She was born to an Australian family living in Sydney. Her siblings are studying in High School.

Work and Profession:

Milly is a professional actress. She has left her studies to pursue a full-time acting career.

Spouse and Boyfriends

She is single in the year 2022.

Net-worth and Assets

Milly’s net worth is estimated at $2 million dollars.

Facts and News

  • She has played many popular roles in Films, and TV series including on HBO, Hollywood, and Australian Media.
  • She dropped her education at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts to perform a leading role in Uprights.
  • She has played the role of Young Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen in the House of the Dragon series where the remaining part of the same character is played by Emma D’Arcy.
  • Milly Alcock’s number is active throughout the day for business inquiries, fans, friends, and family contacts.
  • Total Number of Fans on Instagram: 1 Million
  • Jayden’s Total Number of TikTok Followers: 6 Million
  • Other than acting she is very active in TV commercials for famous brands such as Cadbury, KFC, NBN & Woolworths.


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