Hype House Introduction

Rise of TikTok in 2020 created a lot of opportunities for internet personalities and influencers. Not only people able to become celebrities but also earned respect, money and a greater number of followers. That’s the case, Hype House invention is because of TikTok. In no matter of time, Hype House gained a huge respect, popularity and worth. It is a collaboration group created by TikTok and YouTube Stars. Most of time, it is one of favorite house ever created by internet celebrities to work together.

The Hype House contact information, biography, wiki, family and friends.
The Hype House contact information, biography, wiki, family and friends.

But its all started when a YouTuber, Daisy Keech and TikTok Star Chase Hudson got an idea to start their own collaboration group or team to work together with other known and famous TikTok stars. So, with help of few other internet personalities and TikTok stars, they created a new collaboration team named on a mansion where they live i.e. The Hype House. So, the The Hype House is a great Mansion where a TikTok collaboration team “The Hype House” lives.


Suddenly, after getting Hype House Mansion in Los Angeles, Chase Hudson sent invitations to popular stars like Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio and Avani Gregg to join their team. As, these tiktok stars were not a part of any other team nor any collaboration group. So, they successfully accepted the request and visited the Mansion for joining confirmation. At the time of joining the members were not much familiar with the other team members nor the founding members. But they work together and shared a lot of other users burden to become much familiar within and to make the house work better for them.

The Hype House wiki, biography, age, net-worth, boyfriend
The Hype House wiki, biography, age, net-worth, boyfriend

As, these stars joining the house were much popular on Lip Syncing application TikTok and nonetheless all were having their own individual Instagram accounts. However, they hold million of followers to their accounts by which they introduced their team and house to the fans making the one of popular house in the TikTok history. At the moment, each and every tiktoker knows the Hype House and has a great respect for it.

Followers Communication and Reach

Indeed, house is having massive fans following. No doubt, it is one of popular group who ranked in top 10 influencers team. Fans want to contact house for appreciating work and to have a little bit nice chat with members. By this, The Hype House phone number and email address is a way to form a communication between members and followers. Well wishers want to call team on their personal phone and want to send written message to their email address. Alongside, with house address, fans wanna send a mail to living address. House address is based in Los Angeles, California at the moment. Furthermore Hype House recent biography, wiki, figure, net-worth, personal life, events, friends and dating history, family and other contact related information is shared after verification from legitimate sources. So, below you will find complete details.

The Hype House phone number, house address, email address
The Hype House Number and Address

Contact Information of The Hype House

Contact Information is provided for making and ensuring a successful contact with Hype House Social Media Collaboration team. Provided details will specifically allow you can make a genuine and reliable communication with popular Hype House members by following provided methods and channels. The information includes telephone and cell number, details of recent email address for sending and receiving email messages. Moreover, house address is provided from a authentic and verified source where hype house members resides. Social Media, a new convenient method to convey your voice and messages to well known celebrities and stars of the house, so here you are provided with The Hype House contact addresses with social media account ids to communicate through call, SMS and direct messaging etc.

The Hype House Phone Number

Decent way from last few decades, is to make a contact for a genuine purpose via ringing a telephoner or personal cellphone. However, in the case of popular and well known celebrities like Hype members it may be hard to get authentic number for a telephonic contact, other than our website. So, for that you are provided with updated and working mobile and landline number of House. You can call Hype House via phone number in day time when members are mostly free.

  • Number Type: Landline and Mobile
  • Network: US
  • Mobile Phone Type: iPhone 11
  • Status: On
  • Whatsapp status: Active

Hype House Email Address

Yes Indeed! Its a better idea to contact through email. And the amazingly, method work perfectly and deliver messages to the house on time. In fact, as you are going to use real email address of The Hype House LA, so there are maximum chances that your voice and email will be delivered to personal mail account within few moments. Because, in email there is option of multiple receiving. Making use of Hype House email address, make a contact right now and inquire any query from members and team. Check their recent email address provided below.

The Hype House Email ID: info@hypehouse.la

The Hype House Address

It is a collaboration group of TikTok stars those living in United States. In fact, it is a rental mansion where they got a huge space to live and work together. As, there are 22 members of Hype House team, and the mansion where they live is sufficient for all of these and provide a luxurious space to work and to have fun together. The mansion name is same of their team name. So, the Mansion where team lives and the team name are similar as they name as The Hype House.

House Address: The Hype House Mansion, Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

Social Media Profiles

In Social Media age, no doubt Hype House is one of active social media group. Moreover, social media not only provides you entertainment, connections, follow-ship but it allows direct messaging option to make a reliable conversation along with video calls to house itself and team members. So, you can find house over all popular social media accounts. You have to follow official accounts and then make use of internal message or direct messages option to start contact. It is a recommended method to convey message directly to members.

Hype House @ TikTok

However, It is a collaboration group of TikTok, and this way followers got a benefit to use a message option through tiktok application. Hype House is actively posting new dance videos and lip syncing videos in account. Fans and likes are growing very fast and it is very responsive towards followers. You can communicate easily now by just using direct message option within TikTok app.

Follow and contact The Hype House TikTok Account here. (@thehypehouse)


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Hype House TikTok

Instagram of The Hype House

It is active there with 6 million active followers. Hype House created Instagram profile when it was formed. It posts day life routine, friends, family, events, boyfriend, awards photo and members video. Instagram is allowing internal message for House account. You have to follow its account, then make sure you use Message option appearing in the profile.

Check and Contact house on Instagram Account here.

House Instagram

Hype House LA @ Twitter Profile

There is no official account yet, but all members in the house has own individual account. Furthermore, you can access twitter hashtag #hypehouse for news and tweets. Moreover, It is an opportunity to contact by using twitter. You can tweet directly by tagging official id in status to get reply back. Mostly followers got benefit by using this option for contacting members with ease.

Check Hype House Twitter for Contact.

Millie Bobby Twitter

YouTube Channel of TikTok Team Hype House

YouTube is a perfect opportunity for celebrities these days to not only upload videos but also making money out of it by monetizing video content. No doubt, YouTube gives opportunity to celebrities and social media influences and content creators to make money by uploading videos, live sessions and QnAs. However, Hype House official channel is active.

Go and Check The Hype House YouTube Channel

The Hype House LA Video

Hype House Snapchat

However, snapchat is very popular social media after Facebook and Instagram. House snapchat id is not created but all members has own accounts. You can check their accounts for chat on Snapchat.

View House SnapChat Profile ID

Official Website:

Hype House LA official website is live. House website is like a online store/merch of cosmetics and outfits accessories. House give discount to followers and users visiting her website to specified products.
Visit Hype House Official Website.

Wiki And Biography

Let see, the quick Hype House intro first!

Birth Name: The Hype House

Born: December 19, 2019

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

Age: 1 Years Old

Boyfriend: N/A

Profession: TikTok Collaboration Team

Martial Status: Members are Engaged

Net Worth: $5 million

The Hype House

The Hype House is created in December 2019 for Popular TikTok Stars. It is a team of well known TikTok and internet personalities. However, the group managed to get 21 active members as per June 2020. Most important, all the members house hold are already well known and most popular tiktok stars belonging to United States. The Hype House is formed in Los Angeles, California by Chase Hudson and Daisy Keech. There are other 21 members who are actively taking part in the house activities.

Members of Hype House are:

Few members are leaving the house because of some feuds and issues. The most recent exit is taken by Addison Rae Easterling, Charli D’Amelio and Dixie D’Amelio. However, founding member Daisy Keech left earlier in 2020. Leave of members is not good for house health as the house is decreasing its reputation and respect after loosing members.

Contact The Hype House LA Social Media Collaboration Group and Team Members
Contact The Hype House LA Social Media Collaboration Group and Team Members


Hype House is a big family of members. The members are named as Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio, Avani Gregg, Addison Rae, Tony Lopez, Ondreaz Lopez, Kouvr Annon, Nick Austin, Larray, Alex Warren, Thomas Petrou, Ryland Stroms, Jack Wright, Hootie Hurley, James Wright, Patrick Huston, Calvin Goldboy, Connor Yates and Wyatt Xavier. All members live and play together along with creating social media videos.

Hype House LA Members and Contact Information
Hype House LA Members and Contact Information

Work and Profession:

Hype House is a TikTok and social media collaboration team living together in a Mansion named Hype House. There are almost 21 members who are internet and social media celebrities. Most of the members are new stars and growing much faster this year. All are having millions of active followers and a lot of subscribers to their YouTube Channel. Somehow, their career is a social media influence.

The members earn through social media websites and YouTube. They also receive brand endorsement and advertisement project offers. Few members started singing already and most of the team members are getting ready for debut in the film industry later in 2021.

The Hype House members are also part of TalentX Entertainment company.

Friends, Spouse and Boyfriends

All the members in the house are best friends of each other and live like a family. Most of the members are dating other members in the house. For example, Chase Hudson is reported to be dating Charli D’Amelio for 2 years before breaking up last month.

Age, Weight, Figure and Height

Members in The Hype House LA are fair skin and with moderate weight and height. The age ranging teenager to 25 years old.

Net-worth and Assets

The Hype House runs the merch and other projects. The net worth of The hype House team is $5 million dollars.

Facts and News

  • The Hype House is number 1 TikTok collaboration team in rankings.
  • All the popular TikTok stars are member of The Hype House.
  • There are total 21 active Hype House members including male and females.
  • The House is managed by Chase Hudson and other popular members of house.
  • Hype House is named on Mansion name where team lives.
  • It is situated in Los Angeles, California.
  • The Hype House is in feud with The Sway House LA team.
  • Charli D’Amelio and Dixie D’Amelio left the house this month.
  • Chase Hudson and Charli D’Amelio got broke up in the Hype House.
  • The Hype House popularity is decreasing because of loss of D’Amelio sisters and Addison Rae.
  • Hype House landline number is active early in the morning.
  • The house is acquiring new members next month.


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