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Rebecca Zamolo Introduction

Rebecca Zamolo is a famous content creator and prankster, who publishes her videos on Youtuber and various social platforms. She has a YouTube channel with 12 million subscribers and Instagram with 3 million active followers. Zamolo has worked for television and commercials along with social media entertainment. Rebecca has been trained as a professional gymnast at a young age.

Social Growth and Promiance:

Rose as a social star and Youtuber, Rebecca Zamolo is a multitalented celebrity, who know gymnast, comedy, acting, singing, and entertaining through social media. She is a famous Youtuber, TikToker, and influencer with a massive fan base in the United States. In her studies era, she was selected as a sports broadcaster for the local University of California, Santa Barbara college station Gaucho News. Later, she learned gymnastics and proved as a regional and national title winner as a competitive gymnast.

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Se stepped into the media industry and entertainment by joining professional cheerleaders for the San Jose Sabercats and then getting a list of television commercials. Soon after commercials, she was deployed in various television series and programs which raises her prominence and fan following. Rebecca is creating wonderful gaming, challenging, and real-life content as a Youtuber for her channel “Rebecca Zamolo” and secondary channel  “Matt & Rebecca” YouTube channel alongside her husband.

History, Career and Future

Rebecca’s career began in her teenage. She worked as an entertainer, commercials actor, television host, actress, and cheerleader before becoming a professional social media influence and content creator. Meanwhile, she is also doing a great job in her singing career and released more than two dozen singles and tracks. Some of her released singles are Social Distancing, Your Future Wifey, Legs Are Moving, Keep It On, Be The Boss, Pop It, Squid Game, SuperBowl Funk, It’s Christmas!, and Ugly Christmas Sweater. She regularly watches other Youtubers’ channels for inspiration and ideas such as Labrant Fam, Norris Nuts, La Familia Diamond, Piper Rockelle, Morgz, Carter Sharer, Norris Nuts Do Stuff, Collins Key, and MrBeast.

Rebecca is managed by Eric Black at Crestview Entertainment and she already worked for Funny Or Die, Yahoo, and Blip.TV. And she has worked with famous actors such as Matthew Morrison, Rampage Jackson, Jermaine Clement (Flight of the Concords), Dean Norris, and Brian McKnight.

She has a very friendly nature and has a great relationship along with active communication with other YouTubers, actors, and her social media fans through social media, emails, postal mails, text messages, video, and voice calls. She shares her updated contact details on various social posts and personal pages upon fan requests and for business. It includes her Facetime, WhatsApp number, postal address, email, and phone numbers. Zamolo’s followers send her Birthday wishes every year, text messages and voice calls daily on her phone number, email, and address.

Rebecca Zamolo Personal Phone Number and House Address Details
Youtuber and Influencer Rebecca Zamolo Phone Number and House Address

Contact Information of Rebecca Zamolo

Entertainer and YouTuber Rebecca Zamolo’s phone number, residence/living address, online social inbox, email, and other useful active contact numbers are added for communication. Using the addresses and contact numbers, you can navigate and contact Zamolo for your fan emails, online business inquiries, Voice Calls, Texts, postal mails, other issues, etc.

Rebecca Zamolo Phone Number and Whatsapp Details

Zamolo is using Virginia registered SIM on her personal handset iPhone 11 Pro Max. She accepts voice calls, texts, and video messages on her phone, WhatsApp, and Facetime. She checks calls and text messages from her online and social media fans, family, friends, and other famous Internet Personalities for collaborations.

  • Rebecca Zamolo Phone Number: Virginia Registered Network SIM (4G Activated iPhone11ProMax)
  • YouTuber Rebecca Zamolo Whatsapp Number: Setuped on iPhone11 with Virginia Number
  • Rebecca Zamolo Personal Landline Contact Number: Shared to Family, Friends and public

Rebecca’s Email Address

Fans have communicated through email and received responses because email messages to Rebecca Zamolo are a working method for conveying online messages.

Zamolo’s House Address and Residence Location

  • Rebecca’s House Address: Rebecca Zamolo, Arlington, Virginia, United States
  • Youtuber Zamolo Residence Location: Arlingtn, Virginia

Social Media Contacts

Social media help you to reach Rebecca Zamolo via direct messages, voice and video calls, and video messages sent over the internet. Check her social accounts and make use of them.

  • Instagram Account:
  • Twitter Address:
  • YouTube:
  • Zamolo’s TikTok:
  • Web Address:
  • IMDB:
  • Snapchat Inbox:

Wiki And Biography

Let’s see, the quick intro first!

Birth Name: Rebecca Zamolo

Born: September 28, 1982

Birthplace: Virginia

Age: 39 Years Old

Husband: Matt Yoakum, AKA Matt Slays

Profession: YouTuber, Gymnast, Singer, Internet Celebrity

Martial Status: Married

Net Worth: $20 million

Rebecca Zamolo


Rebecca Zamolo was born in Virginia and raised in Martinez, California. She has four siblings Jennifer, Monica, Michael, and Lissa. Her parents are named Paul and Cathy.

Work and Profession:

Zamolo is a professional entertainer, Youtuber, Actress, Gymnast, and singer. She also works as a brand’s commercial actress.

Spouse and Boyfriends

She married Youtuber Matt Yoakum, AKA Matt Slays in 2014. She has given birth to a baby girl in the year 2022.

Net-worth and Assets

Rebecca’s net worth is estimated at $20 million dollars. Revenue is generated from Youtube channels and commercials.

Facts and News

  • She is still using her iPhone 11 Pro Max and didn’t bought iphone 13 pro max on its launch but she has plans to buy iPhone 14 on its launch.
  • Rebecca competed as professional gymnast for over 10 years up to the Elite level and then enetred to media industry.
  • Rebecca’s adventure vlogs include 24 hour challenges overnight and giant DIY projects.
  • Rebecca Zamolo‘s phone number is active for business inquiries and other phone calls and text messages.
  • Total Number of Fans on Instagram: 4 Million
  • Number of Subscribers: 12 Million
  • She stepped into acting and singing after social media.

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