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Jimmy Donaldson is known as MrBeast on Youtube and other social media and has gained popularity for uploading high-worth videos and charity-related content. Donaldson was born to Stephen Donaldson on May 7, 1998, in Wichita, Kansa. Mr. Beast has also founded successful businesses such as MrBeast Burger and Feastables, Team Seas (Fundraising for Ocean Conservancy and The Ocean Cleanup), and Team Trees (fundraiser for the Arbor Day Foundation).


Mr. Beast began his Youtube career in 2012 and slowly and steadily gained followers for his unique videos. Most of the videos were based on expensive stuff and stunts, gaining huge attention from viewers and subscribers. In the past few years, his videos earned millions of views generating millions of dollars, those he used for more expensive stunts and creating philanthropist videos.

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Jimmy has a large group of channels and the team, who manage and help to run these channels. He is one of the most popular Youtuber in the United States. He has created dozens of YouTube channels for different kinds of content. His channels list includes MrBeast, Beast Philanthropy, Beast Reacts, MrBeast 2, MrBeast en español, MrBeast Gaming, MrBeast Shorts, MrBeast Brasil, MrBeast Gaming en español, Beast Reacts en español, MrBeast На Русском, MrBeast en Français and MrBeast Gaming Brasil. He receives hundreds of texts and voice calls on his phone number every day related to his Youtube career and charity.

History, Career and Future

Jimmy Donaldson initiated his online journey with the YouTube channel. Upon receiving huge responses from the audience, he continued with opening more channels and creating other social media accounts especially on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok to garner more followers and subscribers. He cashes his social media followers and Youtube Video views with the help of Monetization programs. The money earned through monetization of videos is spent on creating more online content and doing expensive stunts for content creation.

His expensive stunt videos posted over YouTube gets him to gain millions of followers. Followers not only watch his videos but also send Mr. Beast text messages and calls on his phone number, emails, and fan mails to his residential address and email account. So, Beast is one of the most active American internet celebrities being communicated by fans.

Jimmy Donaldson Mr Beast Phone Number and House Address
Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast) Phone Number, House Address, and Contact Details

Contact Information of Youtuber Mr Beast

Here is all the information required for communicating with Youtuber Jimmy Donaldson. It includes Mr. Beast’s email address, phone number, house address, social media accounts, and other numbers. So, with these listed addresses and contact numbers, you can communicate Jimmy Donaldson for your fan emails, business inquiries, postal mails, other related causes, etc.

MrBeast Phone Number and Whatsapp

Jimmy Donaldson is using his American registered network sim on a new handset iPhone 13 pro max. He also accepts fan text messages and voice calls on his WhatsApp along with business inquiries. He often checks calls and messages from his fan and other YouTubers for online video collaborations. Several fans have ensured that they successfully communicated Mr. Beast’s recent number somewhere around 2 PM to 8 PM. So, choose the time wisely.

  • MrBeast Phone Number: American Network Registered SIM (4G Activated)
  • Youtuber Mr Beast Whatsapp Number: Active on iPhone 13 Pro Max new handset
  • Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr Beast Office Number: Yes, Managed by team

Jimmy Donaldson Email Address

Sending email messages to Jimmy Donaldson is a sufficient as well as a convenient method for contacting MrBeast. His fans have communicated through email and received responses within a few days.

  • MrBeast Email ID:

Mr. Beast’s House Address and Residence Location

  • House Address: Brent Rivera, Wichita, Kansas, United States
  • Youtuber Mr. Beast Residence Location: Wichita, Kansas and Los Angeles, California

Social Media Contacts

Social media help you to reach Mr. Beast via internal messages, voice calls, and video messages over the internet. Check the social accounts and make use of them.

  • MrBeast Instagram Account:
  • Twitter Address:
  • YouTube:
  • Web:
  • Facebook Address:
  • Beast’s TikTok:

Wiki And Biography

Let’s see, the quick intro first!

Birth Name: Jimmy Donaldson

Born: May 7, 1998

Birthplace: Kansas, United States

Age: 23 Years Old

Girlfriend: Maddy Spidell

Profession: Youtuber, Internet Personality

Martial Status: Single

Net Worth: $60 million



Born to American parents alongside one sibling CJ. His father’s name is Stephen Donaldson. Mother is a housewife.

Work and Profession:

Began his career with creating YouTube videos and in the year 2022, he is one of the popular YouTubers in the United States and also known as a famous internet celebrity.

Spouse and Girlfriends

MrBeast has been known for dating Maddy Spidell since the year 2019.

Net-worth and Assets

Jimmy’s net worth is estimated at $60 million dollars.

Facts and News

  • He is known for his expensive stunt and challange videos.
  • He has recreated Squid Game Red Light Green Light Challange Video.
  • Mr Beast is the founder of Beast Burger and many other companies.
  • His brohter CJ is also a populr YouTuber with channel name MrBro.
  • Jimmy Donaldson has posted his phone number, email address and house location on his social media. His phone number was shared on Twitter whereas his email is provided on YouTube channel.
  • MrBeast has accepted that he recive calls from his fans on personal phone number, mostly asking for money.
  • Jimmy loves to share his money with others.
  • Total Number of Fans on Instagram: 20 Million
  • Number of Subscribers: 100 Million
  • Beast Total Number of TikTok Followers: 90 Million


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