Spencer X: Spencer Polanco Knight Introduction

Spencer X is a popular American social media celebrity and singer. He got fame recently because of reaching 30 million followers at TikTok Application and 2 million subscribers at YouTube. The basic thing by which he got popular is his TikTok account. He was available over social media before getting into TikTok but not as famous as now. He created his TikTok account in 2018 and started posting his creative videos and comic lips in routine. His content was greatly appreciated in the early days of his account and given a thumb up and like to his videos by which he was able to make a popular profile within the app. Spencer X’s TikTok account started growing very fast at the end of 2019, and that’s why in May 2022, he holds 40 million followers and 1 billion likes to his content.

He titles himself as “mouth music man” as he posts a few videos illustrating music with his own mouth. However, there is no doubt, he creates videos and music of his own with creativity and handwork. His mouth is able to produce each and every sort of music like Pop, Bass, Jazz, and Rock. Surprisingly, he doesn’t need any instrument to complete his music, song, and composing.

Basically, Spencer X also known as a mouth music man was interested in music and singers from his early childhood. As he was born and raised in Manhattan, so he got opportunities to get in touch with singers, Musicians, and Bands. Moreover, he only listens to them and visits them but also tours with them to help them and appreciate them to an extent.

Furthermore, Spencer X do arrangements to attend and tour with rappers, bands, singers, and music performers at various popular functions, Bumbershoot Festivals, 116th Street Festivals, and Vans Wraps tours. So, learning from these musicians and getting motivation SpencerX started working on himself to write and sing songs. He first worked on creating unique and original music of his own. Not only did he successfully create music but also produced it. Finally, he created his own YouTube Channel as a publishing medium to get in touch with the audience and to release his music and videos. Apart from this, he created the TikTok account after getting information about its unique viral and trending specialties of Lip-Syncing app. That’s proved to be a great choice to him by which he actually got viral and become a celebrity within 2 years.

In 2022, He already got a massive fan following, as an American celebrity he ranked in the top 10 TikTok and Social media influencers of the United States. His fans want to contact him so that they appreciate his work. By this, Spencer X’s phone number is being asked from his followers, so that they call his telephone and personal cell phone. Other than a phone number, SpencerX’s Email address is required to send email messages including business inquiries and fan mails. Alongside, the recent house address of Spencer X is available; by which fans are possibly able to send postal mails and fan letters with ease. His house address is based in Manhattan, US. Furthermore, his updated biography, wiki details, body figure details, estimated net worth, girlfriend, family, and other related information are also shared below. So, here you will find Spencer-X contact details.

Spencer X Phone Number, House Address, Email
Spencer X

Contact Information of Spencer X

Contact Information is provided here to make a contact connection to TikToker Spencer X. So, with the help of provided details you can make possible contact with Spencer X following various methods and channels described here. First and foremost, It includes Phone number, cell number, telephone line, and details of email address so that you can send and receive email messages to him. Moreover, the house address and location of SpencerX are provided from a verified source. House address will allow you to send postal mails and fan letters to him. Social Media is also a perfect method to convey your voice and messages to well-known celebrities like Spencer X. Social media account details of Spencer X to contact him are provided as well.

Spencer X Phone Number

Indeed, a professional contact method for a genuine purpose and business inquiry is always ringing a number of telephone or cellphone. However, in the case of popular and well-known celebrities like Spencer, it is always hard to get an authentic and real number for a telephonic contact. So, for that you need to have a verified source that has an updated and working mobile number of “Mouth Music Man: Spencer X”. This way, you can call him via phone number.

Spencer-X Email Address

Definitely, it’s a better idea to contact Spencer X through email address. And the amazing thing is it always works perfectly. As you know if you have the real email address of Spencer Polanco Knight then there are greater chances that your email will be delivered. Because for email there is the option of multiple incoming at once, unlike phone. So if more than one user sends an email to Spencer then still he will receive it all. Make use of his current email address to make a contact. Check SpencerX’s real email address provided below.

Spencer X Email ID: spencerbeatbox@gmail.com

House Address of Spencer X

Spencer Polanco Knight is living in the United States. His house address is the same as his residential address. So you can use house address to send postally and fan mails. However, it is very casual for popular celebrities like him to receive fan mails from their followers and lovers. Most of the time these mails are letters of appreciation. Celebrities love to be praised and to be appreciated by their fan and follower. Check Spencer’s house address details below.

House Address: Musician Spencer X, Spencer Polanco Knight, New York City 10001, NY, United States of America.

Social Media Profiles

It is the Social Media age, as you know Spencer is available on social media. However, social media provide updates, connections, follow the ship, and most interestingly direct messaging options to make a conversation and video calls to Spencer Polanco Knight. You can find Spencer’s overall popular social media accounts, first of all, follow him there and then make use of the internal message and direct messages option to make a contact. It is recommended method to convey a message to Spencer Polanco Knight.

Spencer X @ TikTok

Without a doubt, TikTok is a new-age social media application. It allows posting Lip Syncing, singing, and dancing videos within the application and allows to share it with the public and friends. Spencer X got all fame through TikTok. Everybody is getting popular with the help of TikTok by showing some skills and talent. Somehow, Spencer Polanco Knight’s talent is to produce music by mouth.

Follow and contact SpencerX TikTok Account here.

Instagram of Spencer-X

He is popular on Instagram social media. On Instagram Spencer post his latest project photos, music composing snaps, videos, and upcoming short clips from his music and filmography. However, he got massive followers around 2 million as of 2022. Recently, he posted photos of his studio and workplace where he create amazing music videos, his inventory, and other stuff.

Check and Contact him on his Instagram Account here.

Spencer X @ Twitter Profile

He is an active user of Twitter since 2011. He uses Twitter to update his friends, family, and followers regarding his new and upcoming projects, music, and videos. Besides statuses, he has few followers there which is the best opportunity to get connected with him. Because of few followers on Twitter, you will surely get a chance to make your tweet visible to him and to get a response back.

Check Spencer X Twitter for Contact.

YouTube Channel of SpencerX

As a musician and mouth music creator, YouTube gives him the perfect platform to share his mouth-produced music with followers and subscribed audiences. However, this is one of the best platforms for Spencer where he gets an audience and listeners to his work and music. It not only let his music reach the audience but also rewards it back in form of paychecks. Yes, YouTube shares the income of channels to the content creators. So, Spencer X also earns through his YouTube Channel. Surprisingly, YouTube allows users to comment on creator videos, so you can comment on his videos.

Go and Check Spencer X YouTube Channel

Spencer X Snapchat

We checked with Snapchat, Spencer is currently not registered with Snapchat. But soon he will be available there. It is one sort of American Social Media platform which allows messages and video calls with very responsible and reliable options. Stay Tuned for getting his registration status updates.

View SpencerX Snapchat Profile ID: Delayed

Official Website:

Spencer X has a personal profile on various social media but not an official blog or website yet.

Wiki And Biography

Let’s see, the quick Spencer’s intro first!

Birth Name: Spencer Polanco Knight

Born: April 20, 1992

Birthplace: New York, United States

Age: 30 Years Old

Girlfriend: Nill

Profession: Musician, Mouth Music Producer

Martial Status: Single

Net Worth: $8 million

Spencer X

Spencer X’s birth name is “Spencer Polanco Knight” born April 20, 1992, in New York, US. is a 30 years old Singer, BeatBoxer, and social media celebrity. He started his career as a singing song and gave them whole music from his own mouth. He is a Beat Boxer by which he does not make use of any instrument to give music to his songs. All job is done by his own mouth. In the initial days, he visited fewer popular American singers, musicians, Bandmasters to learn how they do their job. He also attended festivals, Vans Warped Tours to make a step into the music industry. Luckily, he got the talent of Beat-boxing and created his own destiny in this unique field.

Recently, he got viral and trended over various social media because of his most popular debuted videos at the TikTok application. The Lip Syncing and video sharing application gave him a boost to get millions of followers and audiences to get access his talented videos. Moreover, he also creates creative sketches and produces tracks.

Besides TikTok, his other social media also started getting followers and subscribers. As most TikTok users also use YouTube and Instagram, that’s the reason he is getting followers over YouTube and Instagram along with TikTok. His YouTube channel reached 3 million subscribers this year.

Spencer X: Popular BeatBoxer Phone and House Address
Spencer X: Popular BeatBoxer Contact Details


Spencer’s family is a group of 4 family members. His parents, sister, and Spencer himself. His father is a businessman whereas his mother is a housewife. His family lives in Manhattan, New York City. Most of the time Spencer leaves for work and meetings whereas his actual residence is at the parental house. He has a sister named “Gigi” in siblings.


Work and Profession:

Spencer X’s main professional career is BeatBoxing. He got some good skills in Beat-Boxing and performing on social media and in live concerts. He collaborated with popular singers and social media stars to promote himself and his talent across the country. Besides Beat Boxing, he also perform a few comic stunts and comic narrations in videos that got viral over social media. He is an expert in sketches as well. Spencer is also producing music and songs these days all on his own.

Friends, Spouse and Girlfriend

One of the popular Social Media celebrities in the United States, he has a number of friends. Most of the friends he got are singers, producers, and record studio owners. Now, most social media celebrities know him and come together to produce some music and videos in collaboration. His friend list includes most of TikTok Stars and YouTubers.

Now about the Dating history of Spencer X, he is seen with a number of girls in videos and photos. He also collaborates on various videos and projects with colleagues but he never officially disclosed any girl name to whom he is dating or planning to get married.

Net-worth and Assets

Being a popular musician and Beat Boxer Artist of United States. He earns good income from various online and offline sources. YouTube also pays him monthly checks. However, in 2022, the net worth of Spencer X is estimated at around $8 million.

Facts and News

  • Spencer X is american popular social media celebrity to arose to fame because of Beatboxing career.
  • He started and chosen Beat-boxer career by his own interest.
  • In Childhood day, he visit various music events and live concerts to learn skills.
  • He has collaborated with Marshmello, Alicia Keys and Sean Kingston.
  • He arose to fame in early 2020, because of TikTok app.
  • Spencer X is in the list of top American social media influences.
  • Spencer won more than 9 awards in muse category.
  • He is known for his mouth music with original sounds, produced tracks.
  • He love to create Sketches in free time.



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