Zach Hsieh (ZHC) Phone Number, House Address, Email, Biography, Surprises, and Contact Information

ZHC Introduction

ZHC is a popular Youtuber whose real name is Zach Hsieh and is based in San Jose, California. He is among the top and most popular YouTubers in the United States. He has accrued 25 million YouTube subscribers and he is able to surprise many other famous YouTubers with his ultimate creative skills. ZHC is an expert in Arts and also the founder of the Art Alliance and the Copic Abuse Foundation. 

YouTuber, Artist, and Prominence:

Zach Hsieh rose to prominence for his YouTube videos which include his art as he is a professional artist who uses markers, paintbrushes, emulsions, plastic colors, pencils, and inks for his work. He record his artwork videos where he could be painting an item, vehicle, boat, or any other thing and making it new and creatively interesting. Moreover, his art is much popular on youtube where his videos have crossed even 100 million views. He usually uses his art to surprise famous celebrities and other YouTubers.

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ZHC has already surprised the famous TikTok celebrity, Charli D’Amelio, by painting more than 20 iPhones with different colors and gifting her. He has surprised Youtuber MrBeast with a custom House, boat, and tesla. Furthermore, he has surprised Addison Rae with a custom car and Brent Rivera with an iPad. He further Surpises Bella Poarch, PewDiePie, Girlfriend, Friends, Public, and Zach King with different artworks.

History, Career, and Communication

Zach Hsieh also known as ZHC is a professional YouTuber, Influencer, Artist, and Social Media Celebrity. He has shown his art online with the help of social media, especially YouTube and Instagram. His art is world-famous and he has garnered millions of followers online. ZHC has surprised the audience and celebrities with bulk items with special artwork. He also likes to give stuff away to his subscribers. Zach has surprised MrBeast with a house, Charli D’Amelio with custom phones, Surprised Addison Rae with her dream car, Surprised Brent Rivera with an iPad mural, and a lot more.

Further ZHC also does a lot of giveaways and charity work. He has donated 10 cars, given away 2 houses, given hundreds of thousands to charity, donated over 300 phones to people in need, gave away over 100 iPads, 50 Macbooks, and gave away over 300 Airpods among others.

Due to a huge number of followers and subscribers based in the United States, ZHC has established and arranged an active American phone number and postal address for receiving fan text messages, phone calls, and postal mails. He has also created his email id for emails, business inquiries, and online communication.

Youtuber ZHC Phone Number, House Address, and Contact Email
Youtuber ZHC Phone Number, House Address, and Contact Email Address

Contact Information of ZHC

Youtuber ZHC’s contact number, residence/house address, email, social media messaging ids, and other active telephone numbers are added. Listed addresses and contact numbers, allow communication between fans and ZHC for sending fan letters, telephone calls, emails, online business inquiries, postal mails, other causes, etc.

ZHC Phone Number and Whatsapp Connection

Zach uses iPhone 13 Pro Max for phone calls, facetime, and WhatsApp with an American Network SIM. He accepts texts and messages on both WhatsApp, Facetime, and conventional. His fans and mostly Youtube subscribers have communicated his recent number successfully in the morning. So, choose the time wisely.

  • ZHC Phone Number: +1-855-721-(4G Activated iPhone13PROMAX2022) UNITED SATES-Network Registered SIM
  • Youtuber ZHC Whatsapp Number: Setup on iPhone 13 Pro Max handset +1-855-721-ZHC
  • Artist Zach Hsieh Personal Contact Number: +1-855-ZHC-NUM, San Jose Connection Phone

Zach’s Email Address

Joe accepts the emails from all of his fans and followers. Send your emails to the following address.

  • Zach’s Email ID:

ZHC’s House Address and Residence Location

  • ZHC’s House Address: Youtuber Zach Hsieh AKA ZHC, San Jose, California, United States
  • Residence Location: Zach Hsieh (ZHC), San Jose, CA, United States.

Social Media Contacts

Social media contacts help you to reach and communicate ZHC via internal and direct messages, voice calls, and video messages over the internet. Check social accounts and make use of them.

Wiki And Biography

Let’s see, the quick intro first!

Birth Name: Zach Hsieh

Born: January 14, 1999

Age: 23 Years Old

Birthplace: San Jose

GF: Michelle Chin

Profession: YouTuber

Martial Status: Not Married

Net Worth: $50 million

Youtuber ZHC


Zach’s family resides in San Jose, California. In siblings, he has two sisters. He also features his parents in his social media posts.

Work and Profession:

ZHC is a professional YouTuber, Social media celebrity, and Influencer. Moreover, he is an expert artist who uses art to garner views and earnings online.

Spouse and Girlfriends

Zach aka ZHC is dating his girlfriend, Michelle Chin. His girlfriend, Michelle Chin also appears in ZHC Youtube videos.

Net-worth and Assets

ZHC’s net worth is estimated at $50 million dollars. Most of the income is earned and generated through YouTube channels.

Facts and News

  • He is a ranked YouTuber in the United States and lies on the Top 20 popular YouTubers List.
  • He has designed and done artwork on expensive items for celebrities such as Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae, Brent Rivera, Bella, and MrBeast among others.
  • ZHC is ready to give a response to his subscribers, friends, celebrities, fans, and social media followers.
  • ZHC’s Phone number is mostly active on Weekdays in the morning.
  • Total Number of Fans on Instagram: 4 Million

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