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Ferran Espada also famous as Ferran The Fashion King is a member of the YouTuber family living in Mexico City. Ferran is one of the three siblings appearing in The Royalty Family. His half-brother Milan and half-sister Blue Amal are also do fun and entertainment in The Royalty Family content.

Recently, he created his personal channel called Ferralandia. But still, most of the audience knows him from his family channel which has crossed 24 million subscribers in 2024.

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Ferran Espada from The Royalty Family
Ferran Espada From Royalty Family

Ferran is a favorite YouTuber of teenagers and he has collaborated with Salish Matter and other young influencers like Piper Rockelle, Everleigh Rose, Bryton Myler, and Ava Foley. Collaborations are in the form of vlogs, competitions, and challenges.

Moreover, if you are here to communicate with Ferran The Fashion King (Ferran Espada), then email, and phone number is preferred options along with house and social media addresses. Somehow, send your email message to “” address, and in case of telephone dial +1 310 987 2239 for Espada collaborations and business inquiries.

In addition, inbox messages to @andreaespadatv Instagram hadel is an available option. The Ferran and The Royalty Family postal address for contact purposes is “Ferran Espada (The Royalty Family) House, 9003 Los Angeles, California, United States of America”. The family has ancetors house in Mexican City but they are currently residing in California.

Kindly note that you have to mention Ferran’s name in the letter, message, and email title because the house and email address are Royalty Family common addresses and specific title will deliver your mail to Ferran only, similarly if you want to send a message or letter to other siblings, then add their name in the subject and title.

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