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Kirsten Titus Introduction

Kirsten Titus is a new social media celebrity who gt viral on the TikTok application and then she created her other social media accounts to garner more followers and subscribers on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Her most popular social media account is TikTok called Pepperonimuffin, which has earned 8 million followers as of June 2022. She is a popular growing influencer whose vlogs, short clips, comedy, pranks, and photos are getting millions of views and likes on all social media platforms.

Social Activity and Prominence:

Kirsten Titus rose as a social media celebrity because of her massive social media following which she has collected over different social platforms including TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube among others. It is a known and admitted fact that Titus’s videos got viral and her following has seen significant growth because of her comedic rants, high-energy, and personal-style videos. She is a well-education internet celebrity who has completed her graduation from Brigham Young University. Titus wants to grow like other TikTok stars especially Addison Rae, Avani Gregg, Zoe Laverne, and Charli D’Amelio whereas she is sharing various duets videos with other stars such as TikTok star Cole Micek to collect more views and reach.

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However, Kirsten Titus is one of the fastest-growing TikTok celebrities of the year 2022 and most of her fans joined her social media account in the same year. Because of her growing popularity and fan following Titus has been singed by the UTA Talent agency. She is gaining prominence as a fruity girl because she added various fruits and their juices in her videos. Most of the time she drinks fresh fruit juices in her videos without using any metal utensil. Kirsten loves the Corn and never forgets to share it with her fans.

History, Career, and Communication

Kirsten Titusis a social media celebrity and influencer based in Hawaii, United States. She rose to fame after joining the TikTok application where she successfully garnered 8 million followers. Other than TikTok, her YouTube videos are appreciated at a greater scale and she has earned half a million active subscribers. Above all, by sharing photos, tour videos, selfies, and family photos on her Instagram profile, she has collected more than 1 million followers on the Instagram profile. Moreover, her videos on social media include makeup tutorials, family tours, challenges, pranks, DIYs, lip-syncing, dance, comedy, and other amazing videos. Titus loves the music the most and also has an active Spotify account and playlists.

Kristen is publishing content on her YouTube channel on regular basis and her most recent videos are inclusive Answer 30 questions in 60 seconds while drawing a self-portrait, OUR FIRST TIME IN MEXICO, OUR FAMILY WENT TO NYC FOR THE FIRST TIME, and My first and only bc my brother stole my ticket for the next show among others.

Famous influencer Kirsten Titus has a lot of new followers on her Social media accounts. She has maintained good communication with her fans, social media personalities, and her subscribers through social media messages, emails, P.O Box mails, text messages, videos & voice calls over the cell phone. Titus has updated her contact details on social media platforms and profile pages upon fan requests, manager, and business inquiries.

TikTok Star Kirsten Titus Phone Number and House Address
American Influencer Kirsten Titus Phone Number and House Address Details

Contact Information of TikTok Star Kirsten Titus

American Influencer and entertainer Kirsten Titus’s phone number, house address, social media inboxes, email ID, and other useful contact numbers are added for communication, hiring/contracts, and business inquiries. Moreover, use the provided addresses and numbers, to navigate and contact Titus for your fan emails, online business inquiries, Voice/Video Calls, Texts, postal/fan mails, other causes, etc.

Kirsten Titus’s Phone Number and Whatsapp Details

Kirsten is using her new iPhone 13 Pro Max purchased in the year 2022. She has added her newly Registered SIM to her mobile for activating Cell, Facetime, and WhatsApp.

  • Kirsten Titus Phone Number: Hawaii Registered SIM +1-317-041(US-number) (4G Activated iPhone13)
  • American Social Celebrity Kirsten Titus Whatsapp Number: Setuped on iPhone13 with Hawaii’s Number +1-317-874-TITUS Active, Added
  • TikTok Star Kirsten Titus Contact Number: US Registered Phone Line, Shared to Family, and Friends Circle 2022

Titus’s Email Address

Influencer Kirsten Titus has allowed her followers and business inquiries to use her email for established successful communication. So, email messages to her are still a working method for conveying online messages over the internet.

  • Kirsten’s Email ID:

Titus’s House Address and Residence Location

  • House Address: Kirsten Titus, Hawaii, United States
  • Kirsten Titus Residence Location: Kirsten Titus, Hawaii, United States of America.

Social Media Contacts

Social media help you to reach Kirsten via direct messages, voice and video calls, and other messages sent over the internet. Check her social accounts and make use of them.

  • Instagram Account:
  • Twitter Address:
  • Titus’s YT:
  • TikTok:
  • Snap Chat:

Wiki And Biography

Let’s see, the quick intro first!

Birth Name: Kirsten Titus

Born: September 29, 1997

Birthplace: Hawaii, U.S.

Age: 24 Years Old

BF: Single

Profession: TikTok Star, Social Media Celebrity

Martial Status: Not Married

Net Worth: $1 million

Kirsten Titus


Titus’s family resides in Hawaii. She has two siblings, a younger sister namedĀ Erika and an older brother named Jacob. Her parents are also featured in her social media videos and YouTube vlogs.

Work and Profession:

Kirsten is a known and professional social media celebrity, Infuencer and upcoming actress.

Spouse and Boyfriends

Kirsten Titus has dated boyfriend in a private relationship, so she never confirmed her boyfriend name and dating status in public.

Net-worth and Assets

Her net worth is estimated at $1 million dollars. Much revenue is generated and received from the Titus official YouTube channel.

Facts and News

  • Kirsten Titus is a TikTok star.
  • She is widely known for her comedy and high energy videos.
  • She is based in Hawaii.
  • Kirsten Titus’s phone number is available for business inquiries and phone calls along with text messages from the fans.
  • Total Number of Fans on Instagram:1 Million
  • She is a growing internet celebrity of the year 2022.
  • Kirsten Titus has completed his graduation from Brigham Young University.

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