Chrisean Malone Introduction

Chrisean Malone is a social media celebrity and Internet Personality who rose to fame for her DaBigBaby Instagram account and other social media profiles. She has been posting various kinds of videos including fun, entertainment, vlogs, lipsyncing, comedy, and other stuff on different social media profiles. Her Instagram account is holding nearly 3 million active followers where she shares her numerous photos, selfies, and videos including beach and other tourist spot shoots. Moreover, she is growing popular in the year 2023 for her new variety of videos on Tiktok and YouTube channels.

Scope & Prominence:

Malone was born and raised in Maryland, United States, and is one of the popular social media celebrities known for her Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. She has been sharing videos on social media for the past 5 years but rose to fame in the past three years because of her popular TikTok account and Instagram profile. However, she was also raised to prominence in the year 2022 because of dating another popular social media star named Blueface. Moreover, she is popular for her nicknames on the internet whereas some of her best-known nicknames and alias online are ChriseanRock, DaBigbaby, and Chriseasn Malone.

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In the year 2023, Malone has sustained a huge fan following on social media including 3 million Instagram followers and multiple millions on the TikTok profile. She is a regular content creator and most of his content is based on dance, humor, comedy, skits, and related stuff videos.

History, Career, and Future

Chrisean Malone also known as DaBigBaby and ChriseanRock is a popular and professional internet celebrity. She creates content for her following and it is a big source of income and prominence for her. Malone is known for sharing and posting a variety of modeling pictures in swimwear, stylish outfits, and streetwear brands as well as lifestyle content. On the other hand side, she is fond of music and she creates and releases her own music and sometimes also appears dancing in her own music videos. Moreover, she also dances in other singer music videos. Chrisean is also working hard to get a role in a Hollywood film or to work with Netflix and Tv series.

American social media celebrity Chrisean Malone has added contact details on her socail media profiels for her fans, subscribers, and media personalities inclusive of social inbox links, phone, text messages, WhatsApp, Telephone, emails, Facetime, and calls. In addition, she regularly shares her contact data on social platforms posts, and pages on a number of fan requests, which include postal address, email, phone numbers, etc.

Chrisean Malone Phone Number and House Address
Chrisean Malone aka DaBigBaby Phone Number and House Address

Contact Information of Chrisean Malone

Celebrity Chrisean Malone’s phone number, residence address, social messaging ids, email, and other active numbers are added. Listed DaBigBaby’s addresses and contact numbers are added to establish communication with her for fan emails, online business inquiries, postal mail, other issues, etc.

Chrisean Malone’s Phone Number and Whatsapp Details

She is using a US 4G SIM on her personal handset iPhone 13 Pro Max as per the record. She accepts fan calls, texts, and messages on her phone, WhatsApp and Facetime. She regularly checks calls, emails, and text messages from her fan and other famous social media celebrities.

  • Chrisean Malone Phone Number: American Network Registered SIM +1CHR MAL NUMB(4G Activated iPhone13 Pro Max)
  • Celebrity Chrisean Malone Whatsapp Number: Active on iPhone 13 Pro Max with USA Number
  • DaBigBaby (Chrisean Malone) Contact Number: +1 CHR-MAL-NUMB23Shared publicly

Malone’s Email Address

Sending emails to DaBigBaby is still a working and effective method for conveying online messages. Her fans have communicated through email and received responses in time.

Malone’s House Address and Residence Location

  • House Address: Chrisean Malone aka DaBigBaby, Baltimore, Maryland, United States
  • Current Residence Location: Chrisean Malone, Washington DC, United States.

Social Media Contacts

Social media will help you to reach Da Big baby via direct messages, voice and video calls, and video messages sent over the internet. Check her social accounts and make use of them.

  • Instagram Account:
  • Twitter Address:
  • WIKI:
  • FB ID:
  • YT:

Wiki And Biography

Let’s see, the quick intro first!

Birth Name: Chrisean Malone

Born: March 14, 2000

Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland

Age: 22 Years Old

BF: Blueface

Profession: Influencer, Internet Celebrity

Martial Status: Not-Married

Net Worth: $1 million



DaBigBaby whose real name is Chrisean Malone is based in Maryland. She has 11 siblings and her parents are appreciating their children’s efforts to become popular online. Her sisters and brothers are also trying their luck online to garner fame and fan following across social media platforms.

Work and Profession:

However, she is known for her popular Instagram account where she shares modeling photos wearing bikinis and swimwear whereas she is also creating content for other social platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter.

Dating Life:

DaBigBaby is dating another popular social media celebrity named BabyFace. Babyface is a social media star who garnered fame because of creating TikTok and YouTube videos.

Net-worth and Assets

Her net worth is estimated at $1 million dollars as of the year 2023.

Facts and News

  • She is the best-known bikini and swimwear artist online.
  • DaBigBaby and ChriseasnRock are his online popular nicknames.
  • DaBigBaby’s number is active for business inquiries, fans, followers, well-wishers, friends, and family contacts.
  • Total Number of Fans on Instagram: 3 Million
  • She is mostly active on Instagram and Twitter in the year 2023.
  • Chrisean Melone is also the CEO of @thebluerocknetwork.
  • She create vlogs for her YouTube channel alongside her boyfriend Babyface.


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