Zoe Laverne Introduction

Zoe Laverne Pemberton is American internet celebrity and her fame is totally gained and earned through social media and internet social applications. She is from those teenagers who started very early making social media as a medium to become a celebrity. While she was a school girl she created her TikTok account in 2016 when even TikTok was known as Musical.ly. It was a great adventure for her to be a social media celebrity, by appearing in TikTok videos she started getting followers and views to her videos and become a celebrity overnight. Due to such popularity her parents let her start home schooling and make her leave school. Zoe Laverne is from those Americans who started a trend of internet celebrity and getting fame online. Her TikTok account crossed 10 million after getting viral in videos. Huge fans following let her to become a most well known social media influencer in the state. Later, other teenagers followed her path to become another social media celebrity of United States. She got amazing skills in TikTok videos, the one interesting thing which make her popular in mean time is answering and listening to her followers. She regularly updated her TikTok with answered videos for fans asking her Questions.

However, she started her Musical.ly and YouTube channel earlier in 2015, whereas Musical.ly was a successful venture for her after possible start but YouTube channel took much efforts for her to get promoted. But it got much easier for her to gain subscribers after getting viral on TikTok, formerly known as Musical.ly. By time, Zoe Laverne have more than 20 million active followers at TikTok and collected half million subscribers at YouTube channel. YouTube channel is very profitable venture for Zoe Laverne as it pays her for videos advertisements whereas there is no such option in TikTok. With mean time, Zoe Laverne extended her scope to further popular and incoming social medias by creating her social profiles and accounts at Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Whatsapp. However, being popular at few helps her to gain followers on her new social app. Zoe Laverne recently make it possible to make reach of her Instagram account to 3 million followers and Twitter is approaching to 100 thousand.

Zoe Laverne is a American girl born June 3, 2001 in Indiana USA. Her contact information is american based including her house address and telephone line number. Follower seeking contact information related to Zoe Laverne will get some good details here. That’s inclusive of Zoe Laverne phone number possibly cell phone number and Whatsapp number, then for text messages an email address is required, so Zoe Laverne email address is included. Social profiles allows direct message option to Zoe Laverne by following her and adding her on social media like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. Twitter allows communication via tweeting with their name. Mostly fans those crazy about their influencer love to write postal letters also known as fan mail and fan letters consisting love and appreciation should be posted to correct Zoe Laverne house address. So, Zoe Laverne address and number details information is discussed below.

Zoe Laverne Phone Number, Email, Address, Wiki, Bio, Age, Worth, Family, Bio Data
Zoe Laverne Contact Details, Wiki, Biography, Family, Background

Zoe Laverne Contact Information

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Zoe Laverne Phone Number

Momentarily, Zoe Laverne phone number is available to the limited friends and fans following for calls and messages, as now celebrity want to rush her phone with calls and messages. However an authentic source can only provide these types of information most like who are already in friendship with Zoe Laverne or in business. You can contact Zoe Laverne with the help of her recent telephone number. Most of the users preferred phone number as the most convenient method to make a contact with TikTok Celebrity Zoe Laverne. As phone number is an instant medium to make a connection for conveying message.

Zoe Laverne Email Address

Email address is a perfect specified and authentic method if you really want to contact Zoe Laverne or to write a digital letter/mail. As, it is also very convenient for popular social media celebrities to reply back on email and to read rather than any other medium. So, with correct email id of Zoe Laverne you are going to get response back with maximum possibility.

House Address of Zoe Laverne

Zoe Laverne is living with her family in Indiana, a city in United States. Complete address details of Zoe Laverne are given below. You can send any postal mail or fan letter to Zoe Laverne address, as well as if you want to reach Zoe Laverne then the house address is provided for you to make a possible reach to her.

Address: Zoe Laverne Pemberton (internet personality), Indianan State, 46077, United States.

Social Media Profiles

Amazing thing, New Thing for this generation is have a best possible opportunity of new age is social media platforms. These days you will find all celebrities making use of social media similarly in case of ordinary people. So, Zoe Laverne is also active at mostly known social media accounts. Here with details provided you can contact Zoe Laverne through social media accounts by using direct message and chat option in provided applications and social media websites.

Zoe Laverne TikTok

She got fame through TikTok Application. TikTok is a video sharing and lip-syncing application used as social media to post dancing and voice videos. Zoe Laverne started using it as an early user in 2015 and kept on posting there regularly. Within few month Zoe Laverne become one of the top user from United States by holding more than 20 million followers. Zoe Laverne already received 1.5 billion heart also known as likes at TikTok already.
Follow and contact Zoe Laverne via TikTok Account here.

Instagram of Zoe Laverne

Beside Zoe Laverne TikTok, She also created profiles at other popular social media like Instagram. Instagram is second popular social media for Zoe Laverne where she gathers audience and followers. For time being, Zoe Laverne have 3 million followers and still growing further as per 2020. She update her account with her latest trip photos, friends, family and other day life photos and videos.
Check and Contact her on Instagram Account here.

Zoe Laverne Twitter Profile

As Zoe Laverne started her Twitter very lately in February 2018, her account is still growing as her followers was not aware before than she is on twitter right now. So, with time being Zoe Laverne collected round about 25 thousand followers, those in forecast will reach to 100 thousand at end of 2020. It is best option to choose twitter to make a contact with her, as low followers means greater chance to get reply back. Add a tweet including her username after @ sign. It will allow you to make your tweet view-able to Zoe Laverne and possible reply back to your tweet.
Check Zoe Laverne Twitter for Contact.

YouTube Channel of Zoe Laverne

In start of Zoe Laverne social media celebrity career, she chosen two networks i.e YouTube and Musical.ly. She posted her short video clips on TikTok whereas some good collection of vlogs and other related videos on YouTube channel. However, YouTube took some time for her to get reach to greater audience but still she managed to gather half million subscribers. Now her channel is ads monetize and giving her earnings along with popularity.
Check Zoe Laverne YouTube Channel

Zoe Laverne at Snapchat

Snap chat is a very fast growing social media application in United States. As Zoe is from United States, so she started using it. She provided her username for snap chat as ‘zoelaverne13’. You can add her and initiate a chat and message with the help of provided Zoe Laverne Snapchat account Id. This is verified account of Zoe as she already included this id in her Twitter.
Charli D’Amelio SnapChat ID

Official Website:

At the moment, Zoe Laverne official website is still in progress and need to launch. There are number of news that Zoe Laverne is starting her official website as a merchandise store for fans and followers, anywhere soon.
Visit Charli D’Amelio Official Website.

Wiki And Biography

Let see, the quick Zoe Laverne intro first!

Birth Name: Zoe Laverne Pemberton

Born: June 3, 2001

Birthplace: Indiana, United States

Age: 18 Years Old

Boyfriend: Cody Orlove

Profession: TikTok Celebrity

Martial Status: Single

Net Worth: $1 million

Zoe Laverne Pemberton

Zoe Laverne birth name ‘Zoe Laverne Pemberton‘ born June 3, 2001 is an American teen age female celebrity who is known for TikTok videos. She is living in a Indiana State, United States along with her parents and siblings. Zoe has a real brother named Eric Pemberton and a step-brother named Cameron Pemberton. Zoe father name is Douglas Wright and mother Debbe Pemberton. In 2015, Zoe Laverne was dating Zephan Clark but later they broke in 2017. Now onwards Zoe Laverne is dating her new Boyfriend name Cody Orlove. Zoe Laverne made popular social media journey possible through TikTok, YouTube and Instagram by gathering million of followers for each.

Recently, Zoe got interested in music field and working on few singles to release. However, few of songs are already released by Zoe Laverne and available at YouTube and other music websites. One of her popular song is “Lost IT All”, that is based on her personal life.

Zoe Laverne is creating her journey with her boyfriend very effective, they are seen together in number of places weather it is online or on roads. Her boyfriend Cody Orlove and herself appear in numerous videos at YouTube and TikTok. Most of video they upload in together are based on Q and A, Pranks and Challenges.


Zoe Laverne have a well established family for now whereas before Zoe popularity it was very simple family with not much strong background. She worked hard to make her name and fame possible all around the world. Zoe have two siblings on her own brother ‘Eric‘ where as one step brother named as Cameron. Laverne parents including Father name: Douglas Wright whereas Mother name: Debbe Pemberton.

Zoe Laverne with Parents
Zoe Laverne with Parents

Work and Profession:

As most of know already the career journey of Zoe Laverne, it is a long but interesting journey for Zoe career as a Social Media Celebrity. Now being influencer is a full time job and career and include multiple things to be taken care along with popularity and fame. Similarly in the case of Zoe Laverne she started as an early bird in social media when even TikTok was named as Musical.ly. She started account in Musically app and started creating video to get fame and fans. However, with mean time her dream come true and started getting followers and greater number of likes and appreciation that putting her more ahead.

Starting in 2015, now after completing 5 years; Zoe Laverne is a most popular teen age influencer in her state. She have million of followers at each and every social media she use. As a public figure it is very easy for her to get some earning and rewards by brand endorsements and other advertising projects.

Friends, Spouse and Boyfriends

There are number of friends Zoe have where most of them are TikTok celebrities and social media personalities. Zoe Laverne best friends include Loren Gray, Lexi Orlove, Terin Sottile. Recently she got a love in her best friend Cody Orlove; both are seen together and now onward they declared thy are in relationship and dating since 2017. So, in case Lexi is sister of Cody Orlove. Zoe declared her relationship status on her TikTok page where she wrote “Cody’s girlfriend”, and that make it clear that she is now Cody’s girl. However before 2017 she was in another relationship, as she was dating Zephan Clark before in relationship with Cody.

Zoe Laverne and Cody Orlove
Zoe Laverne and Cody Orlove

Age, Weight, Figure and Height

Zoe Laverne as a teenager is a fresh and beautiful face girl. Her complexion is very white and fair. Zoe is a slim body figure along with good physique structure like gymnastic. Charli Hair color is Golden and eyes are blue. She wear beautiful wears and stylish outfits.

Zoe Laverne Weight is approximately 52 KG. Whereas, her height is 5 Feet and 4 Inches tall at age of 18 years old teenager.

Net-worth and Assets

Zoe source of income is YouTube Channel Monetization, Commercials, Event Performances, Brand Endorsement contracts, Clothing line and more. Currently, as per 2020, Zoe Laverne Net-Worth is around $1 million.

Facts and News

  • Zoe Laverne is one of early bird of TikTok from US.
  • She is having very simple background and worked hard for to gain popularity and fame.
  • One of teenager who openly accept boyfriend and dating status and openly post her boy friend photos and videos.
  • Zoe Laverne is trending in more than four social media networks in 2020.
  • She got education from her parents as due to early fame, her parents recommends her to leave school and started homeschooling for her.


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