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Tommyinnit’s real name is Thomas Simons but he is popular on social media and Youtube with his nickname Tommyinnit. He also uses Tmaye and Channelnutpig nicks. Thomas is a professional and full-time Youtuber, who expertise in the gaming industry and regularly stream games on Twitch and publish gameplay on his Youtube channel. Tommy hails from Nottingham, England, and has many friends in the United States, Australia, and Europe.


Thomas Simons began his YouTube channel in December 2015. He created Gaming and Minecraft-related videos and live streams, including collaborations with fellow YouTubers and streamers in the Dream SMP. YouTube and Twitch channels led him to increase in popularity. He has gained millions of followers on Instagram, Twitch, and subscribers on Youtuber channels. With the rise in prominence, Tommyinnit has established a separate fan phone line with a special phone number and an email account to repose in time. He also created more Youtube channels which are named as TommyOutit, TommyVODS, Tom Simons, Tomaye, TommyCLIPS, and Channelnutpig.

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Thomas has joined the Dream Team and he uses the Dream SMP server for games. Tommy has played and competed in PubG, Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft survival multiplayer games on the Dream SMP server alongside other popular gamers such as Dream and GeorgeNotFound. He also played Minecraft in multiplayer mode with Pigicial. Such a massive fan base and gaming expertise make Thomas a most-followed Minecraft channel on Twitch, as well as the 13th most-followed overall.

History, Career and Future

Thomas Simons aka Tommyinnit rose as a gamer and social media personality. His aim is to play games and to stream live for his followers with the help of social media and Youtube. He often uses the Twitch channel and Youtube to stream his multiplayer games live and to share gameplay for several games including Fortnite, Minecraft, PubG, and Roblox. Tommy is a part of a popular gaming community called Dream Team and he uses the Dream SMP server for multiplayer games. Thomas is one of the popular gamers in the United Kingdom and a highly ranked multiplayer gamer and streamer on social media.

Thomas Simons holds two Guinness World Records for “Most viewers of a Minecraft gameplay live stream on Twitch” and “Most followed Minecraft channel on Twitch”. Last year, he was cast in a songs Video of Sub Urban and Bella Poarch’s single “Inferno” for the role of the Bellboy.

Thomas Simons is active on social media for his massive followers. His followers and subscribers not only watch and appreciate his gaming content but send him text messages and voice calls on his mobile phone number, email account inbox, and fan mails to his residential address. Such fans have already communicated with him using his updated contact details.

Thomas Simons AKA Tommyinnit Phone Number and House Address
Thomas Simons AKA Tommyinnit Phone Number and House Address

Contact Information of Tommyinnit

Youtuber and Gamer Tommyinnit’s phone number, house address, email, social media messaging accounts, and other active numbers are added. Listed addresses and contact numbers, allow communicating Thomas Simons for sending your fan emails, online business inquiries, postal mails, other causes, etc.

Thomas Simons Phone Number and Whatsapp Details

Thomas is using his personal handset (iPhone 13 Pro Max) with a 4G LTE Network SIM bought in the year 2022. He accepts fan texts and messages on his WhatsApp account and FaceTime as well. His fans have communicated his recent number successfully on weekdays. So, choose the time wisely.

  • Tommyinnit Phone Number: UK Network Registered SIM (4G Activated Samsung)
  • Youtuber Thomas Simons AKA Tommyinnit Whatsapp Number: Setuped on iPhone 13 Pro Max handset
  • Thomas Simons AKA Tommyinnit Personal Contact Number: +44-000-num, English Connection FnF

Simons’s Email Address

Sending email messages to Thomas Simons is a better method for contacting him online. His fans have communicated through email and received responses within a few days.

Simons’s House Address and Residence Location

  • Tommyinnit House Address: Thomas Simons AKA Tommyinnit, Nottingham, England, United Kingdom
  • Youtuber Thomas Simons Residence Location: Nottingham, England, UK

Social Media Contacts

Social media contact accounts help you to reach Thomas Simons via internal messages, voice calls, and video messages over the internet. Check the social accounts of Simons and make use of them.

  • Instagram Account:
  • Twitter Address:
  • Page:
  • Youtube Connection:
  • Other Profile:

Wiki And Biography

Let’s see, the quick intro first!

Birth Name: Thomas Simons

Born: April 9, 2004

Birthplace: England

Age: 17 Years Old

Wife: Single

Profession: Gamer, Streamer, YouTuber, Twitch Star

Martial Status: Not-Married

Net Worth: $2.5 million



He resides in the United Kingdom with his mother and siblings. His father is a businessman and his mother has had a popular YouTube channel called Sarah Simons aka Middle-Aged Fat Lass.

Work and Profession:

Thomas is known for his gaming career and internet presence. He regularly publishes gaming content inclusive of gameplay, walkthrough, and live gaming multiplayer streams on his YouTUbe and Twitch channel. He began his acting career with a music video.

Spouse and Girlfriends

He is single and not dating anyone in the year 2022.

Net-worth and Assets

Tommyinnit’s net worth is estimated at $2.5 million dollars. Much revenue is generated from YouTube Monetization and Twitch channels.

Facts and News

  • He has played a multiplayer games with other fellow stars such as Tubbo, Dream and GeorgeNotFound.
  • Tommyinnit become famous for for his Minecraft streams.
  • He competes in Minecraft survival multiplayer games in the Dream SMP server.
  • Thomas has added his recent email address on YouTube channel.
  • Tommyinnit has responded calls and number of text messages received from fans in the year 2022.
  • His Phone number is active throughout Weekends and Weekdays.
  • Total Number of Fans on Instagram: 3.5 Million


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