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Tom Hiddleston born Thomas William Hiddleston is a 42 years old TV and Film Actor who began his professional career in television and Hollywood in 2001. He has spent more than 2 decades in the industry and raised to prominence and fame for his multiple successful debuts and projects. Most recently, he came to the limelight for playing the Loki character in the Avengers, and in the year 2022, he is playing a leading role in the Disney+ series Loki. In his personal life, Thomas has completed his studies at Eton College, Pembroke College, and Cambridge Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He is engaged to Zawe Ashton and the ceremony was held in 2019.

Scope & Prominence:

Hiddleston is a British actor who is one of the most high-profile actors in contemporary British popular culture, he has appeared on Debrett’s 2017 list of the most influential people in the United Kingdom and was nominated as a popular actor and growing star in the industry by multiple magazines and channels. Most of the time he has appeared as a crew member of the Avengers in Television programs and interviews. However, he is known for playing Loki in The Avengers and Thor films. A greater number of fans and followers call him Loki instead of his real name and that is the reason a new Disney+ series called Loki is broadcasted where he is playing the leading role of the character Loki.

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Tom’s career flourished with the cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series of Avengers and its sub-parts like Thor. However, he is once again in the limelight for playing Loki in the Loki TV series which is still broadcasting on the Disney+ channel in the year 2023. His ultimate success in his acting career and cast in challenging roles earned him awards and title nominations including Primetime Emmy Award nominations, and Golden Globe Award for Best Actor for the Miniseries or Television Film.

History, Career, and Future

Tom Hiddleston is a successful British-born Hollywood actor. He has worked on dozens of Filmography projects both for the United States and the United Kingdom but he has followers across the world because of his interesting and multiple roles in commercially successful films and other sci-fi and adventure films. He is popular for playing the role of Loki more than once in the Avengers as well as the Tv series LOKI 2023. Moreover, he has dozens of successful filmography projects in both TV and Hollywood including Thorm Midnight in Paris, Kong Skull Island, Archipelago, Unrelated, Only Lover Left Alive, Avengers End game & Infinity War, The Essex Serpent, White Stork, Loki, Top Gear, CBeebies Bedtime Story and The Simpsons The Goodm the Bart, and the Loki & Welcome to the Club among others.

He has also worked for BBC Radio 3 and BBC Radio 4 for the programs like Dracula, Carnival, Enchanting Poems Alive, Words and Music Memory, Othello, and Cyrano de Bergerac, etc. Furthermore, the popular actor known for playing the role of Loki in the Avengers has also tried his best luck on the Stage and given his best performance for The Play What I Wrote, Betryal, Othello, Cymbeline, Hamlet, Letters Live, Dead Poets Live The Broken Word and Intelligence Squared Sickens Vs Tolstoy among others.

British Actor Tom Hiddleston’s contact information is inclusive of Tom Hiddleston’s social inbox links, phone, text messages, WhatsApp, Telephone, emails, Facetime, and calls. In addition, Tom regularly shares his lifestyle, updates, and contact data on social platforms posts, and pages which mostly include his postal address, email, phone numbers, etc.

Tom Hiddleston Phone Number and House Address
Loki Actor Tom Hiddleston Phone Number and House Address

Contact Information of Tom Hiddleston

Hiddleston’s phone number, residence address, social messaging ids, email, and other active numbers are added. Listed addresses and contact numbers are added to establish communication with him for fan emails, online business inquiries, postal mail, other issues, etc.

Tom Hiddleston’s Phone Number and Whatsapp Details

Tom Hiddleston aka Loki is using a US 4G SIM on his favorite mobile iPhone 14 Pro Max as per the new record entry in 2023. He accepts fan calls, texts, and messages on his phone, WhatsApp, and Facetime. He also regularly checks calls, emails, and text messages from fans and other famous social media celebrities.

  • Tom Hiddleston Phone Number: British Network Registered SIM +44 0076 80 LOKI-NUMB(4G Activated iPhone14 Pro Max)
  • Actor Tom Hiddleston (Loki) Whatsapp Number: Active on iPhone 14 Pro Max with UK Number
  • Tom Hiddleston Contact Number: +44 0076 80 LOKINUMBShared publicly

Hiddleston’s Email Address

Sending emails to him is a working and effective way of conveying online messages. His fans have communicated through email and received responses in time.

  • Email ID:

Hiddleston’s House Address and Residence Location

  • House Address: Cameron Chapman, England, London, United Kingdom
  • Current Residence Location: Cameron Chapman, England, London, UK.

Social Media Contacts

Social media will help you to reach Loki via direct messages, voice and video calls, and video messages sent over the internet. Check his social accounts and make use of them.

  • Instagram Account:
  • Twitter Address:
  • FB ID:
  • Wiki:
  • YT:

Wiki And Biography

Let’s see, the quick intro first!

Birth Name: Tom Hiddleston

Born: 9 February 1981

Birthplace: Westminister, England

Age: 42 Years Old

GF/Wife: Zawe Ashton

Profession: Actor

Martial Status: Married

Net Worth: $35 million



Hiddleston’s family resides in England, UK. He lives with his wife and a child. He was born to well-established parents in the United Kingdom, to Diana Patricia Hiddleston who is a former stage manager, and Dr. James Norman Hiddleston, who is a physical chemist and former MD of a biotechnology company.

Work and Profession:

Tom is known as a professional actor, stage performer, and TV personality. He did stage and Radio before working for Hollywood films and television series. He has played important roles in films and series including Loki in the Avengers.

Dating Life:

Meanwhile, he is busy with his career and did not begin dating yet. He is single and soon he will search for a girlfriend for himself.

Net-worth and Assets

His net worth is estimated at $35 million dollars as of the year 2023-2024.

Facts and News

  • He became a popular character in Hollywood and among fans as Loki because of playing the role of Loki in the Hollywood film franchise Avengers and Thor
  • He is playing Loki in the Disney+ adventure series Loki since 2021.
  • He became the best friends of other star casts of Avengers because of working together including Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, and Stellan Skarsgard.
  • Tom Hiddleston’s phone number is active for business inquiries, fans, followers, well-wishers, friends, and family contacts.
  • Total Number of Fans on Instagram: 12 Million
  • You can send messages to Loki with the help of his active social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He also reply to his fans and followers comments posted on his new posts.


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