Emily Olivia Leah Blunt Introduction

Emily Blunt is an English actress who also has a well-reputed acting career in the United States. She was born in London and holds both United Kingdom and United States citizenship. Her career includes acting, modeling, TV hosting, and series. She is known for her chains of successful TV series, English and Hollywood films, and other media industry debuts. Emily became known for her roles in commercially successful films such as Looper, Mary Poppins Returns, Edge of Tomorrow, The Adjustment Bureau, and Into the Woods. Her recent TV series is called The English where she is playing the leading role in Cornelia Locke. Blunt has been awarded bundles of awards and nominated by Forbes which has ranked her as one of the highest-paid actresses in the world.


Emily Blunt is a prominent British actress because of her fantastic acting skills and her ou of world beauty. She has massive fan following since he career started and they are growing day by day just like her beauty is glowing every single coming day. However, she has worked for both the TV and film industries. Her performances and debuts are more than dozens in each industry and much percentage is of her commercially successful projects. She became known for her debuts including The Royal Family, The English 2022, Jungle Cruise 2021, Into the Woods, Mary Poppins Returns and A Quiet Place, etc. Whereas her prominence was recently raised because of her role in a new TV series called The English and upcoming and ongoing film projects Oppenheimer, Pain Hustlers, and The Fall Guy among others.

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Blunt’s outstanding performance and industry success allowed her to earn rewards, and receive awards and nominations for different awards functions including British Academy Film Awards, Britannia Awards, Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Santa Barbara International Film Festival Awards, Satellite Awards, and Saturn Awards among many others. No Doubt, she is one of the most successful and highest-paid actresses in the United States. In fact, she is the only British actress who is successful in the United States alongside her birth country. Furthermore, her social media following has seen a huge increase in the last decade, and her social media following is mostly on Instagram and Twitter.

History, Career, and Future

Emily Olivia Leah Blunt is a 39 years old British actress working for various media industries including the United States Film Industry, United Kingdom Film Industry, United States TV industry, and United Kingdom TV industry. She has two children from his husband John Krasinski. John Krasinski is also a film producer and actor. She has worked on more than four dozen media projects including TV series, programs, interviews, films, and discography among others. She began her career in 2001 with My Summer of Love and Boudica and Henry VIII among others. Emily has also performed stage performances like Romeo and Juliet, Bliss, The Royal Family, and Vincent in Brixton. Her released audio book is titled Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives.

Blunt’s popular film and tv debuts are The English 2022, The Simpsons, Empire, Foyle’s War, Agatha Christie’s Poirot, The Fall Guy 2024, Pain Hustlers 2023, Oppenheimer 2023, Jungle Cruise 2021, The Girl on the Train, A Quiet Place, The Huntsman Winter’s War, and Animal Crackers among others.

Popular Actress Emily Blunt has massive social media fans and has activated and authorized the communication of fans, subscribers, followers, and media personalities through social media messages, phone text messages, WhatsApp, Telephone, emails, Facetime, fan-mails, and voice/video calls. Emily has shared her contact details on her social media posts and pages after the fan requests. However, mentioned details include postal address, email, phone numbers, etc.

Actress Emily Blunt Phone Number and House Address Details
Popular Actress Emily Blunt Phone Number & House Address

Contact Information of Actress Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt’s phone number, residence address, social messaging, email account ID, and other active numbers are added. Listed addresses and numbers enable you to communicate with Emily for fan emails, online business inquiries, postal mail, other issues, etc.

Emily Blunt Phone Number and Whatsapp Details

British American Actress Emily Blunt is using a (CA-US) based registered 4G SIM on her personal handset iPhone 14 PRO MAX as per recent records. She accepts fan calls, texts, and messages on her cell phone, WhatsApp and Facetime. Celebrity Emily Blunt regularly checks phone calls, emails, and text messages from her fan and other co-stars and celebrities.

  • Actress Emily Blunt Phone Number: Network Registered SIM +1 3109-BLUNTNUMB (4G Activated iPhone14 Promax)
  • Emily Blunt Whatsapp Number: Active on iPhone 14 PRO MAX with US-Number
  • British-American Actress Emily Blunt Contact Number: +1 3109 BLUNT NUMBShared to public contacts

Blunt’s Email Address

Sending emails to her is still a working and effective method for conveying messages. Blunt fans have communicated through email and received in-time responses.

  • Email ID: emilyblunt@gmail.com

Blunt’s House Address and Residence Location

  • Emily Blunt House Address: Emily Olivia Leah Blunt, London, England, United Kingdom.
  • Actress Emily Blunt’s Residence Location: Emily Olivia Leah Blunt, Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

Social Media Contacts

Social media will help you to reach Emily via direct messages, voice and video calls, and video messages sent over the internet. Check Blunt’s social accounts and make use of them.

  • Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/emilybluntofficial/
  • Twitter Address: https://twitter.com/emilybluntoffcl
  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmcsV8_BefI
  • TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@emilybluntleah
  • Wiki-P: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emily_Blunt
  • Facebook Account Address: https://www.facebook.com/emilybluntweb

Wiki And Biography

Let’s see, the quick intro first!

Birth Name: Emily Olivia Leah Blunt

Born: February 23, 1983

Birthplace: London

Age: 39 Years Old

Husband: John Krasinski

Profession: Actress

Martial Status: Married

Net Worth: $100 million

Emily Blunt


She married John Krasinski and has two children named Hazel Krasinski, and Violet Krasinski. Her parents live in the United Kingdom and her siblings are named Felicity Blunt, Sebastian Blunt, and Susannah Blunt.

Work and Profession:

She is working as an actress and TV personality. She debuted in both American and British TV series and filmography projects.

Spouse and Boyfriends

Emily Blunt married John Krasinski in 2010. She has a daughter named Hazel, born in 2014, followed by a second daughter, named Violet, born in 2016.

Net-worth and Assets

Emily’s net worth in the year 2022 is estimated at $100 million dollars.

Facts and News

  • Emily Blunt is the famous and leading actress in 2022’s The English (TV series).
  • She has dual nationalities in the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • She began acting at age of 5.
  • Emily Blunt has earned massive followers on her social media accounts in the past three years because of her film and Tv series success.
  • Emily Blunt’s phone number is active throughout the weekend and working days for business inquiries, fans, friends, and family members’ contacts.
  • Total Number of Fans on Instagram: 10 Million
  • She has two daughters.
  • She has more than 100 awards nominations whereas won more than 40 times.


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