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Elizabeth Egan Gillies was born and raised in Haworth, New Jersey, and rose as a Singer, Actress, and Internet Sensation. She has been known for the Nickelodeon series Victorious before gaining prominence as Fallon Carrington on The CW revival of Dynasty. However, she is active since 2005 in the media industry with the help of Television debuts but in 2022 she is one of the most prominent celebrities in the United States. In 2020, she tied a knot to music producer and composer Michael Corcoran. Same year, she was successful in releasing her album entitled, Songs from Home on Soundcloud and Spotify in collaboration with actor and singer Seth MacFarlane. In addition, Gillies has a strengthful following on social media.

Social Life, Activity, and Prominence:

She started her career with Television commercials for popular brands such as Verizon and Mobile companies along with a supporting role in Harold and starring Shelby Wexler in The Clique. On Television, she debuted with the roles of Young Jenny in The Black Donnellys and Bat Mitzvah Guest in The Battery’s Down. Later, she did a series of television series and Films resulting in her becoming a prominent actress and director’s choice for productions. Alongside acting, she always focuses on having healthy communication with fans and followers through cell phones, emails, and social media replies. Other than acting, she learned music and singing. Elizabeth Gillies made her debut as a singer alongside singer Ariana Grande on Victorious with the song “Give It Up”. Moreover, she also releases her album in 2020 called “Songs from Home”.

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Not all of Elizabeth Gillies’s roles in filmography gained prominence but she become known for playing several important and interesting roles in Hollywood films and Television series such as starring roles as Jade West, Fallon Carrington, Catwoman, Kelsey, Heather, Mandy, Dinal, Alana, Parana Sycamore, Alexis Carrington and Young Jenny among others. Her social media following has reached 15 million on Instagram, 1 million on YouTube, and 4 million on Twitter. She always tries her best to update her fans through social media in a form of statuses, messages, posts, and videos.

History, Career, and Communication

Elizabeth Egan Gillies is a professional actress who has been seen recently performing the role of Fallon Carrington in Dynasty Season 5. Earlier, she performed in seasons 4, 3, 2, and 1 of The CW revival of Dynasty. Moreover, she actively participates in musical videos, television programs, series, and Hollywood productions. For that, she has been offered handsome paychecks, brand endorsements, TV commercials for famous brands, and numerous awards and nominations. Gillies appeared in the video songs and showed her performance in “Take a Hint”, “All I Want Is Everything”, “Time of Our Life”, “Stuck with U”, “Thank U, Next”, “Baby Get Down”, “My Buick, My Love and I” and “You Don’t Know Me” among others. So far she has debuted one extended play, one single, and 25 promotional singles in her singing career.

Moreover, Elizabeth Gillies’s acting debuts in the TV and Film industry include The Orville 2022, Dynasty 2022, Sam & Cat, White Collar, Family Guy 2022, Make It Work!, The Exes, iCarly, Victorious, Robot Chicken, Harold, Catwoman Hunted, Arizona, Vacation, The Death and Return of Superman, and Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom among others.

Actress and Singer Elizabeth Gillies made it possible for her fans on Social media to maintain good and active communication with her through social media messages, emails, P.O Box postal mails, mobile text messages, and videos & voice calls over the cell phone. Gillies has a good connection with other Hollywood actors, cast, followers, fans, and crew members. She has added her contact details on various social platforms and profiles upon fan requests, manager, and other business inquiries.

Actress Elizabeth Gillies Phone Number and House Address
American Celebrity Elizabeth Gillies Phone Number, House Address, and Contact Details

Contact Information of Actress & Singer Elizabeth Gillies

American actress Elizabeth Gillies’s contact information such as phone number, house address, social inboxes, email acc ID, and other contact numbers are added for connections, communication, actress hiring, contracts, business inquiries, etc. Moreover, use the provided Gillies’s addresses and numbers, to navigate and contact her for your fan emails, online business inquiries, Voice Calls, Texts, postal mail, other causes, etc.

Elizabeth Gillies’s Phone Number and Whatsapp Details

Elizabeth is using her newly purchased iPhone 13 Pro Max iOS Model. She has added her US Registered Networking SIM to her mobile for activating Cell Phone, Calls/SMS, Facetime, and WhatsApp.

  • Elizabeth Gillies Phone Number: American Registered SIM +1-374-7700-GILLI (4G-number) (Activated iPhone13ProMax)
  • American Actress Elizabeth Gillies Whatsapp Number: Setuped on iPhone13 Pro Max with NJ’s Number +1-374-7700-GILLIE Active, Added
  • Actress & Singer Elizabeth Gillies Contact Number: USA Registered Line, Shared to Family, and Friends Circle Y-2022

Gillies’s Email Address

Celebrity Elizabeth Gillies has ensured her followers and fans, use her email for established successful communication. It’s a working method for sending and conveying online messages over the internet.

  • Elizabeth’s Email ID: lizgillz@gmail.com

Gillies’s House Address and Residence Location

  • House Address: Elizabeth Gillies, Haworth, New Jersey, U.S.
  • Actress Residence Location: Elizabeth Egan Gillies, Haworth, New Jersey, United States.

Social Media Contacts

Social media help you to reach Dynasty Season 5 actress Gillies via direct messages, voice and video calls, and other messages sent over the internet. Check her social accounts and make use of them.

Wiki And Biography

Let’s see, the quick intro first!

Birth Name: Elizabeth Egan Gillies

Born: July 26, 1993

Birthplace: New Jersey

Age: 29 Years Old

Husband: Michael Corcoran

Profession: Actress, Singer

Martial Status: Married

Net Worth: $9 million

Elizabeth Gillies


She was born to American parents named Lorrie Gillies, and Dave Gillies residing in New Jersey. In her siblings, she has only a brother named George Gillies.

Work and Profession:

Elizabeth is a multitalented celebrity who has actively participated in the TV, Film, and Music industries. He has acted in dozens of films, TV series, and TVCs. She has released a lot of music videos and promotional singles in her career lifespan.

Spouse and Boyfriends

She married her love named Michael Corcoran in the year 2020.

Net-worth and Assets

Her net worth is estimated at $9 million dollars. She has earned revenue from films, acting, promotions, TV series, and other acting debuts.

Facts and News

  • She is popular for playing the role of Jade West in the Victorious, and as Fallon Carrington on The CW revival of Dynasty Season 1 to 5. Season 5 is released in 2022 which has earned immense fame and success.
  • Alongside acting, Elizabeth Gillies is also a singer and released many singles and also released her album online.
  • Elizabeth Gillies’s phone number is available for business inquiries and fan calls and text messages across the world by using the American dialing code +1.
  • Total Number of Elizabeth Gillies Fans on Instagram: 15 Million
  • Many of Elizabeth Gillies’s starred films are in TBA and post-production phase which will be released in the years 2023 and 2024.
  • Elizabeth Gillies is 29 years old and married to Michael Corcoran.


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